LeBron Saving Magic Content For TV Show

Can't wait for next season.

Jim Rome
May 06, 2019 - 11:53 am
Magic Johnson

USA Today


If you missed last night’s Game 4 in Philly between the Raptors and the 76’ers—don’t worry about it. In fact, don’t even bother with a highlights package or a recap blog. Because in my hand I’m holding the definitive take of all takes. And in just 38 profound words, you’ll know everything there is to know about the series tying dub that the Raptors ripped at the Wells Fargo Center Sunday night. Prepare to have your mind blown.

“I don’t know who will win the series with Toronto’s victory over Philadelphia to even it up, but I do know that Kawhi Leonard has been dominating the series and put on show today scoring 39 points!”

Unbelievably accurate. Chillingly succinct. Wildly intelligent.

And who do you think sent that Pulitzer Prize winning tweet? You already know. 

Earvin. Magic. Johnson. Who the hell else? “I don’t know who will win the series with Toronto’s victory over Philadelphia to even it up, but I do know that Kawhi Leonard has been dominating the series and put on show today scoring 39 points!”

Absolutely no rust factor whatsoever in his Twitter game. Welcome back, Earv! I can see why you quit your gig as president of the most storied franchise in NBA history. Because that’s a fire tweet. And I have no idea how we went two years without that kind of content in our timelines.

Speaking of quitting the gig—up until this weekend no one had heard from LeBron James on Magic’s sudden and surprising departure from the Lakers. You’d think the face of the franchise would be one of the first to go on record about his boss trading in his office key for his Twitter password. Especially since Magic was the one who inked up Bron to a four-year deal less than 10 months ago.

But it turns out that LeBron the basketball player was hoarding content for LeBron the TV producer. And on Saturday night everyone’s HBO Go account was worth more than just an East Coast feed of Game of Thrones. Because for the first time since Magic abruptly quit the Lakers—LeBron gave his side of the story on his TV show, The Shop

According to LeBron—he found out Magic was quitting from Randy Mims, his longtime business partner and assistant. And LeBron didn’t believe it right away until he checked his phone and saw everyone breaking the same news. And even though LeBron wasn’t playing in the season finale when Magic made the announcement—he was still in the building and walked into the locker room with the rest of the team to see what was up.

LeBron also said on this week’s episode of The Shop: “No one had any idea. We was all like, ‘Damn. Right now?’ It was literally 70 minutes on the clock. I’m not playing but my team is still playing. And you kind of decided to do that right here? Right now? I feel like there’s a time and place for things and I believe you knew you were going to make that decision so why would do that here? Why would you do that now?”

Great questions. Fair questions. Why there and why then? Pretty sure everyone is still wondering why the president of the team quit right before the final game of the season, without telling anyone at all, who mattered, or really anyone at all… only to leave the squad and the head coach completely stunned right before taking the court. But according to Magic at the time—he had to quit right then and there otherwise Jeanie Buss would have talked him into staying., something that sounds even dumber now than when he originally said. 

Look—when the guy who left the entire city of Cleveland dangling by their heartstrings live on TV only to take his talents to South Beach thinks your exit is tone deaf—then you know you botched it. And Magic did.

But we knew that already. I didn’t need LeBron to question Magic on his TV show to know Magic screwed up. What’s far more telling is that LeBron is airing out his former boss on his TV show! And he’s doing with Lonzo Ball as a guest! Magic’s biggest draft pick and Magic’s biggest free agent signing are on HBO getting paid to crack him. And instead of talking to the media after it happened, LeBron skipped his exit interviews and taped Saturday night’s episode two days later instead. Why give it away for free, right?!

Think about that. Instead of going to presser, he went to the TV set. And he sat on that episode tape for almost a month. And the first time any of us are hearing from LeBron on Magic—is on LeBron’s TV show. There is no precedent for this. Kobe and MJ and Bird and never got to hoard their takes for their own TV show. But here we are with LeBron doing exactly that.

If you thought LeBron trying to trade the team to New Orleans was a power flex—what do you call this? The dude is Jackie Moon out here! Player, coach, GM, and now team reporter! It’s incredible. Why talk to the media when you can collect a check from HBO to do it there? 

What a year for the Lakers. Six straight seasons without the playoffs, LeBron's first significant injury, Magic quit, Walton fired, and now the face of the franchise is out here burying ex-employees and franchise legends. On HBO a month later.

One year down. Three to go. Can't wait for next season and it has nothing to do with basketball reasons. Car flags up, Laker honks. Car flags up!