LeBron Trade Rumors

The only question now is, who is going to do the deal. Kurt Rambis? Linda Rambis?

Jim Rome
May 14, 2019 - 10:56 am
LeBron James

USA Today


The Lake Show has turned into the ultimate Clown Show. A laughing stock; and there’s so much garbage surrounding this team and this organization now, it’s impossible to keep track of. Starting with but not limited to:

Magic quitting without telling anyone.

Luke Walton is fired.

No replacement is found for Magic.

Jeanie Buss apparently decides to double down on Rob Pelinka and input from Linda and Kurt Rambis

Monty Williams is a candidate for the head coaching job.

Ty Lue is a candidate for the head coaching job.

Monty Williams is hired by the Suns.

The Lakers set themselves on fire in their attempts to force Lue into a deal and Lue walks.

They hire Frank Vogel as head coach and Jason Kidd as assistant.

And now there is gathering smoke about trading LeBron James.

That’s a helluva lot. While at the same time not all of it. 

But just so we’re clear: Magic Johnson quit the Lakers on April 9th. Today is May 14th. That’s five weeks. And in those five weeks all of that crap. Went down. Magic quit right at the end of the regular season and the conference finals haven’t even started yet. That’s how quickly this has gotten to be so terrible. That’s how badly this franchise is bleeding. 

Better yet, LeBron James has barely been a Laker for 10 months and there are already rumors about him being traded. A rival executive told Tom Haberstroh that “I think they very well might explore that” and in this case “that” is the Sixers interest in a possible trade involving Ben Simmons and LeBron James.

Again, this isn’t coming from the Sixers themselves, but from a rival executive. And there are an enormous number of issues that would need to be resolved in terms of salary cap, etc.

But the fact that this is even a thing that anyone would float and talk about is mind-blowing. But ok.  I’ll play along. Let’s talk about it. And let’s start with the fact that LeBron is 34. And Simmons is only 22. 

Not only is LeBron 34, but he’ll be 35 at the end of this year. Right? And? He didn’t just turn 34 overnight. He was 33 when he signed. Him turning 34 was a lock. Same with 35.

And even at 34, and even running with the garbage they surrounded him, garbage he undoubtedly wanted or they wouldn’t be there, he still averaged 27, 9, and 8.

Don’t get me wrong. Simmons is potentially a special player. And if he gets a legit threat of a jumper, he could be a perennial MVP candidate. That’s how highly I think of him.

But he doesn’t fit with Lonzo Ball, you probably don’t’ want to put two of the worst shooters ever, on the same team, on the same floor, at the same time, right? And he’s not a great fit with Brandon Ingram. And then you’re going to tell me you’d trust the Lakers organization, this Lakers organization, to pair him with right talent? Does anyone anywhere trust this regime right now? Who the hell is running it? Who’s in charge? Jeannie Buss?  Kurt Rambis?  Better yet, Linda Rambis. Is Buss going to turn to Smush Parker and his wife next for additional counsel?  Or is Samaki Walker and his wife going to take over the Laker rebuild. Or does that fall on that Rob Lowe look alike, Rob Pelinka. Hell, the real Rob Lowe will probably end up with that gig. 

Which brings me back to the LeBron rumors. And most importantly, where they’re coming from. 

 Because if they are coming from LeBron’s camp, if he wants out, who the hell would blame him? Did you just see the last five weeks? If I’m him, I’m looking around at this clown show and thinking, I’ve got to get out of here as quickly as possible. Suddenly, Philadelphia, Cleveland, anywhere that isn’t the Lakers, looks a whole lot better.

But if the rumors are coming from the Lakers, that would be the most Laker thing ever. And truly moronic. Especially the continuing rap that the Lakers are irritated or bothered by the fact that they might seem like they’re beholden to him. The idea that they don’t like people thinking that he’s calling the shots.

I’m not sure what’s more idiotic – signing him knowing that people will think he’s calling the shots or thinking that you’re doing a better job of calling the shots.

You haven’t won a playoff game since 2012. LeBron has been to the Finals every year since 2011. The year you won 27 games? He was in the Finals. The year you won 21 games? Finals. 17 games? Finals. 26 games? Finals. 35 games? Finals.

What I’m saying is, maybe his way is better? Maybe he does know something because it sure seems like the Lakers don’t know jack.

If Linda and Kurt Rambis really are the ones who are calling the shots with Jeanie Buss, maybe LeBron knows more about winning than the executive director of special projects and a guy whose career coaching record is 65-164.  

I know that Linda Rambis and Jeanie Buss have been tight for forty years. But other than being friends, I don’t know why Linda and Kurt are part of this. Kurt’s resume is a disaster and even if Linda’s is great, it still hasn’t been good enough to make the playoffs once in the last six years.

It would be so Lakers to whiff on every free agent for years, then have arguably the greatest player in NBA history fall into their laps, and less than a year later, they want to trade him because of some stupid power struggle. They signed the best player of a generation and now reportedly, allegedly, regret it? Perfect.

And now this crack front office staff is supposed to appeal to free agents in a matter of weeks? Good luck with that.

Any other team, I’d say there’s no way a LeBron trade happens. The Los Angeles Lakers, the way they’ve puked all over themselves the last five weeks, I’d say it could happen.  And if it does, it would be the most Laker thing ever. The only question now is, who is going to do the deal. Kurt Rambis? Linda Rambis. Or is Jeanie Buss going to just bring in Devean George and his wife to do the deal.