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LeBron Watch 2018

One more week, Laker fan.

June 25, 2018 - 9:28 am

We’re less than a week out from the start of NBA free agency, which means that LeBronWatch 2018 is in full effect. How full is that effect?

So full that people lost their damn minds over LeBron changing his Twitter avatar and banner. The avatar was changed to a different photo of him from back in the day and the Twitter banner now represents Akron in a big way.

Whoa! Look out. Akron? What does that mean? What’s he trying to tell us? Internet P.I.

S went crazy. Does that mean he loves Akron so much that he’s going to stay in Cleveland? Or is he saying that he’s from Akron and not Cleveland, so he’s leaving. Or that Akron will always be home, but that he has to go?

People haven’t tripped this hard since LeBron retweeted a pick of Kyle Kuzma wearing a Nick Van Exel jersey to a game and then chased it with a tweet that read: Nick the Quick was an Animal out there! Go check the highlights

It could mean something. And it could mean nothing. What it really means is that everyone is desperate to find out where he’s going and they’ll take any crumb they can find and treat it like a meal, when he might have just wanted to freshen up the look. 

Then again, LeBron does everything for a reason. And knowing LeBron and knowing how smart he is, he knows something like that will produce the reaction that it did. Because of course it would. Especially when you have a fanbase like Cleveland’s that is paranoid he’ll leave…again. And then you have a fanatical fanbase in Los Angeles that is holding his breath until he arrives. 

So, Laker fans, how are you doing this morning? I ask because every day, we’re one day closer to your dream becoming a reality. Well, your newest dream at least. The previous dreams included Dwight Howard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Durant, and Carmelo Anthony. Then there are the dreams of the SoCal guys like James Harden and Russell Westbrook returning home. You know. Your shattered dreams. 

But LeBron James is the new dream. And it’s alive. And Laker fans are going about it one of two ways – they’re either treating the thing like a no-hitter and refusing to talk about it until it’s over or they’re getting out their copies of “The Secret”, yes Laker fans, can read…. and they are trying to use the law of attraction to will it into existence. Ask. Believe. Receive. If Laker fans act like LeBron’s already a Laker, then he will become a Laker. 

I’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news: you actually have a chance of landing LeBron. Actually, according to Las Vegas, you have a very, very good chance.  In fact, you’re the heavy favorite. 

Now, is that because they have inside knowledge or because that’s where the money is flowing? That’s a different story, but given that in a previous time as a free agent, LeBron wasn’t even interested in meeting with the Lakers, the fact that Vegas now thinks there’s a good chance LeBron will be a Laker has to have you figuring out if you can attach a fifth or sixth Laker flag to your car. 

So that’s the good news. Now here’s the bad news. He might be coming, but he may not be bringing Paul George with him. According to crack NBA reporter Sam Amick, “there’s pessimism in James’ camp that George would leave Oklahoma City.” UH OH!!

Okay…O.K…OK…NOT POSITIVE, BUT NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, that’s fine. No PG, but what about Kawhi? Well, there are multiple reports that trading Kawhi to the Lakers is pretty much the last thing the Spurs want to do. Uh, that’s not great, Laker fans. You were all set to not only get LeBron, but two other All-NBA players and this weekend would appear to dump a giant bucket of ice water on that. 

But knowing Laker fans, they’ll take that in the most sane and sensible way possible. Something like…. yeah, well, the reason  PG isn’t coming to LA is because the Lakers already have a deal in place to get Klay Thompson and that the Spurs aren’t going to trade Kawhi to the Lakers because LA doesn’t want him now they they’re about to get Kevin Durant. You know, reasonable stuff like that. LAKER FAN STUFF. 

That’s what we’re dealing with when it comes to Laker fans. I’m not worried about how they’ll react to LeBron’s decision, I’m worried that a bunch of them will collapse under the weight of their own fevered dreams before he even makes his announcement. Laker fans haven’t wanted anything this badly in years. LeBron James is their new Larry O’Brien and the closer we get to that becoming real, the more insane they get. Laker fan will go Laker fan. One more week, Laker fan, one more week. And if you really want it to happen, you’ll find a way to jam as many Laker flags into your rig as you can.