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LeBron's Legacy

Not making it out of the first round in four years with L.A., would ding LBJ's legacy.

February 28, 2019 - 10:15 am

Maybe at some point, there will come a time where every Laker game is not the most dramatic event of the year. Maybe at some point, a Wednesday night Laker game will just be a Wednesday night Laker game. But last night was not that night.  

Not with Anthony Davis and the Pelicans in town. Not with the Lakers riding a losing streak. Not with the Lakers desperately needing a win. And not with what felt like the future of the team hanging in the balance. Win last night and you live to fight another day. Lose again, to the Pelicans and it’s a total calamity. A win there doesn’t square them away, but a loss could have wrecked them completely. 

I mean…What happens if the Lakers don’t make the playoffs? Look, no one expected LeBron to extend his streak of getting to the NBA Finals. But showing up as the self-proclaimed goat and having them in the four hole in the west earlier this season created some expectation. The expectation that they’d at least make the playoffs. That’s not asking for too much, right? Not from the self-proclaimed goat and still best in the world; even if he did show up and say he had nothing to prove. 

Listen, missing the playoffs this year isn’t going to wreck this dude’s legacy. But not making the playoffs or not making it out of the first round in four years with L.A., would sure as hell ding it. Regardless of what LeBron thinks and so would not being able to convince anyone who matters to come run with him in L.A, something else that could very well happen. Getting LeBron to sign on the line that was dotted was big for Erv.  But not big enough. You get him for what he can do for you AND for who he can bring with him.

But again, do other stars really want to play with LeBron? Kyrie didn’t in Cleveland.  Sure, Kyrie’s a diff cat. Newsflash, so is every other free agent that the Lakers are looking to sign.

Look at the upcoming class: hall of famers across the board, but really different cats: and you want to change out difff, for, well, weird, I’m not stopping you: Kyrie, KD, Kawhi, Jimmy Butler. Do you really think any of those dudes are looking to come to L.A. And take a backseat to an aging LeBron? Doubtful. And what happens if they can’t get any of those guys, and they can’t work a trade for Anthony Davis, the one guy who at this point, does want to be in L.A then what??? And you can’t just assume that Davis is a lock to come to L.A Paul George was lock to come to L.A, and not getting him looks worse and worse for the Lakers every day. This guy picked Oklahoma City over his hometown; and the team and executive in major that he grew up worshipping. He picked Oklahoma City over the tradition and banners; he then picked the Munster Kid over Erv. And he’s playing his ass off. Do, what if the same thing happens with Anthony Davis. What if he’s shipped somewhere else and just decides he likes that better than being in L.A hell, Paul George did. 

AND what do they do with the young guys who were caught up in the AD trade rumors the first time if they can’t get him this summer? Can they go through another year of that with them?

That’s your worst case scenario; best case? He kills himself to drag them into the playoffs where they get murdered by the Warriors in the first round. Because you know that’s going to happen.

But you know me, I’m here to keep it positive; I here to BE upbeat. So lets’ keep it positive: the old guy did activate once again, in a win, last night, going for 33 points, 10 assists, and 6 rebounds. Which seemed to activate guys like Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram

There were moments like this jam from LeBron.

And this feed from Rajon Rondo. 

And then this absolutely absurd piece of ridiculousness from LeBron.

I’m not sure what’s better: LeBron’s shot or AD’s reaction to LeBron’s shot. Because sitting on the bench, he did just about the only thing you can do in that situation – make a face.  Like the face I made when that valet crop dusted my car in a restaurant that I allegedly owned a piece of.

See, I don’t want to be a buzz kill. I’m not looking to rain on your parade, Laker fans. I’m just telling you what you’re thinking and don’t want to say. You know that it feels like everything is at stake in every game this season and that it will be like that the rest of the way. You know that it feels like the next game isn’t just about the next game, but about the next three years and maybe the seven that come after it. You know all that….JUST AS YOU KNOW, the only thing worse than getting destroyed in the first round of the playoffs would be missing the playoffs completely. And if you’re not going to do it for the guys you’re running with you better do it for yourselves, because if you miss the playoffs, a number of you will be looking for another place to live and work next season. Including the coaches. 

Then again, judging from the junk Julius Randle and D'Angelo Russell have been running, and the way they’ve been playing, that might be a bad thing. And who would have said that coming from a situation where you have Lakers on the front of the jersey and LeBron on the same floor. That win didn’t save their season, but a loss last night probably would have ended it.