LeBron James and Jarrett Allen

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LeBron's Night

If Jarrett Allen made a statement during the game, LeBron made a bigger statement before the game.

December 19, 2018 - 9:48 am

If America didn’t know about Jarrett Allen before last night, they should have. And if they don’t know about him now, they’re just not paying attention. 

Jarrett Allen the center for the Brooklyn Nets. Jarrett Allen is a man.

And if you didn’t know any of that before last night, you do now. Because in the first quarter of Lakers v. Nets, LeBron got the ball at the top of the key on a secondary break. Made a move. Got into the lane and took off. 

You know how the rest goes. LeBron dunks over some poor, helpless sucka and social media goes crazy. So let’s roll it. 

That wasn’t some poor, helpless sucka. That was Jarrett Allen and he was getting up to make sure LeBron did not get down. That was badass. And it was awesome.

When people wonder why guys even bother contesting dunks because 99 times out of 100, you’ll end up on a poster and getting killed on twitter, that’s why you do it. Because that one time out of 100, you end up a legend. 

That was incredible. You want to know how incredible? That was only the ninth time in his career, that LeBron has had a dunk blocked. The number of guys who’ve blocked one of LeBron’s dunks in the NBA would not even fill out a five on five scrimmage. You could get every NBA player who’s ever blocked one of LeBron’s dunks, take them to Applebee’s, and pay for the meal for less than a hundred bucks. That’s how small that group is. 

Allen knows how big it is to be part of a group that small: "That's a helluva list to be on. He's an amazing player. I got the chance to do it, so I'm on the list forever now."

Jarrett Allen. Man. 

And LeBron took it completely in stride: “He’s in his 20s, I’m in my 30s. It takes me a little longer to get warmed up. But that's fine. I mean, you're a shot-blocker. You should, you can, get a block. It happens. It's probably all over social media, so that's cool."

And he did warm up. He ended up with 36 points, 13 rebounds, and eight assists, so that should shut up anyone who saw that dunk and said he was getting old. Sure he is. Old enough to nearly drop a triple-double double on a weeknight in Brooklyn.

But believe it or not, Jarrett Allen blocking LeBron’s dunk and the Nets beating the Lakers 115-110 was not the most interesting thing involving the Lakers last night. 

If Jarrett Allen made a statement during the game, LeBron made a bigger statement before the game. Because before the game, LeBron talked about the possibility of the Lakers trading for Anthony Davis.  And he talked about it on record, telling ESPN: "That would be amazing. That would be amazing, like, duh. That would be incredible."

He’s right. Trading for a 25-year old big with the handle of a guard who’s averaging 28, 12, 5, 3, and 2 would be amazing, like, duh. 

Because Anthony Davis is amazing, like, duh. When you talk about most NBA players, you can hit the basic stats, points and rebounds or points and assists, without having to say what they actually are. You can say that a big man is averaging 10 and 6 and everyone pretty much knows it’s 10 points, 6 boards. In the case of Anthony Davis, he’s averaging so much of everything that I have to say that he’s averaging 28 points, more than 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks, and 2 steals. 

And he’s 25. And he’s recently signed with LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul. 

And if the Lakers make a move for A.D. before the Celtics do, Laker fans would freak the hell out. You think those car flags were flying after LeBron arrived? Just imagine what they’d be like after A.D. arrives to join LeBron. 

And if the question is: would the Lakers be willing to give up what it takes to get Anthony Davis, the answer better be hell yes. 

I know Laker loyalists love the young Lakers, but if there’s a chance of trading for Anthony Davis, you’re giving up everyone and everything to get him. 

If I’m Magic, I’m picking up the phone and saying: You want Lonzo? Great. Brandon Ingram? Sure. You want the statue of me outside Staples? I’ll throw that in, too. 

And LeBron isn’t just thinking about A.D. He’s still got Melo on the mind, too. LeBron and Melo reportedly had dinner in New York Monday night and last night LeBron was talking about him. “I don’t run the team and obviously there are some things that need to be worked out on both sides, but I’ve always wanted to play along with Melo, and if the opportunity presents itself, it would be great. So we’ll see what happens.”

I’m not sure how many people think Melo would be a great addition to the Lakers, in fact, I’m not sure if anyone other than LeBron and Melo thing Melo would be a great addition to the Lakers. But if they can somehow pull the trigger for Davis and Melo really makes LeBron that happy, I’ll allow it. I guess. 

I’ll say it again: the Lakers are a helluva lot better than anyone expected. And the West isn’t as good; in fact, it’s wide ass open: especially with Houston sliding the way they are. The Lakers are 18-13. They just finished a 1-3 road trip that should’ve been a lot better. LeBron knows that and he knows there’s actually chance for the Lakers to do some real damage there; and I don’t mean in the future, I mean right now. Does anyone really believe LeBron when he says he’s all about patience? Since when?!? He’s not patient; nor should he be. He’s 34; he’s on the clock; and he knows it. And he knows he needs some help. And the guy never says anything without there being a purpose behind it. 

That Anthony Davis stuff didn’t just come flying out of his gap: he knew what he was saying; he knew what he was doing when he said it. The guy needs help and he needs it right now; because he knows they have an opportunity to do some damage, right now. Now the question is how Magic and Rob Pelinka will handle that conversation. 

LeBron started the ball rolling, with Magic and Pelinka keep it going. Signing LeBron was impressive. Signing LeBron and trading for Anthony Davis is legendary. And they should do whatever it takes and give up whatever necessary to get it done.