LeBron's Taco Tuesday

This dude loves his tacos.

Jim Rome
July 17, 2019 - 11:11 am

Getty Images


LeBron James is a lot of things. Superstar. General Manager. Celebrity. General Manager. Actor. General Manager. Producer. Coach. And General Manager—just to name a few.

He’s also a dad. And apparently a massive enthusiast of Taco Tuesday. And both his dad flag and his taco flag were flying sky high yesterday from his backyard in Los Angeles on his Instagram account.

Hey, man. No hate. I’m a dad and I love tacos, too. Who doesn’t? I just don’t think anyone can really say they love them as much as LeBron does after watching his IG story last night.

Let me start with the threads LBJ wore to the dinner table. Because it’s the first thing he mentions in the video—which I’ll roll here in just a second. The shirt King Taco was wearing last night said—“It’s Tuesday Somewhere.”

Good one, King.  Would be even better if you wore it on any other day but Tuesday.  That’s the joke: its five o’clock somewhere, but not where you are. Problem is, you’re wearing your it’s Tuesday somewhere shirt…on a Tuesday. Rock that on a Monday….or even on a Weds. But not day of. 

But ya gotta love a grown man that dresses up for his theme meal of the week. I don’t really have a problem with the shirt other than it’s on par with an Old Guys Rule or a Female Body Inspector FBI t-shirt some knob would buy down at the beach.

But…This is less about the shirt and more about LeBron’s hype for some tacos. Listen to this dude howl to the moon about Taco Tuesday and then go around the table to all his family members—and Anthony Davis!—for some group participation. 

I think I speak for everyone when I say…


If you think I’m about to shred the guy like a fine block of four-blend Mexican cheese—I’m not. It’s 2019 and this father of three has his whole family around the table for dinner. That’s a bigger win than anything he’ll get on the court on this year. You know how hard it is to get the kids all in one place at the same time? Huge victory for dads everywhere.

And I love that Anthony Davis is already hanging out with LeBron’s fam. That’s chemistry right there. Nothing brings a team together like waking up the neighbors with a ritualistic chanting of Taco Tuesday.

And you know Anthony Davis was just stoked to actually get tacos when he was told by LeBron that he getting tacos. Especially after he was told he was getting the number 23 only to find out that Nike already made up all of LeBron’s gamers for next year and flexed on the Lakers to delay the change one more year for production reasons.

We’ve learned this past week that nobody is ever gonna want a Super Bowl more than Mike Vrabel. And now we know nobody loves tacos more than LeBron James. Except maybe James Kelley who tattoos the Del Taco drive-thru every day and crushes six hard shells at time. Man, I’d love to see Flight Deck randomly in LeBron’s video from last night just inhaling tacos at a half dozen clip—mouth too full to get in on the chant.

Poor Alex Carrusso, though. Probably watching the Instagram story last night, alone in a Jack-in-the-Box parking lot, nibbling on the wet envelopes of cat food errrrrr  J-Bo’s  tacos—just hoping one day that LeBron learns his name. 

Good news for Lakers fans, though. The biggest fan of tacos ever is the best place for tacos ever. No need to sing some corny song begging him to stay. Just grab some tortillas and getting cooking.