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LeBron plus the Lakers plus Laker fans is the ultimate power trio.

July 16, 2018 - 9:21 am

This past weekend was a reminder that if you thought LeBronWatch2018 was going to end when he announced that he was joining the Lakers, you could not have been more wrong. LeBronWatch2018 is still going strong and it’s arguably even stronger than ever now that he’s a Laker.

And if you doubt me, check the reaction when LeBron showed up at a Lakers summer league game yesterday. LeBron arrived at the Thomas & Mack for the Lakers-Pistons quarterfinal game and it was one hell of a scene. A standing ovation from everyone in the building as he took his seat along the baseline.

But it wasn’t just about LeBron making his first public appearance in a minute it was about what he was wearing when he made his first public appearance in a minute. Laker shorts.

He still hasn’t been officially introduced as a Laker, but he was repping the purple and gold on his shorts and it was wild to see. There have been about a billion photoshops of LeBron in Laker gear in the last two weeks, but seeing him actually wearing it in real life, was surreal as hell. 

Just don’t look to replicate the look yourself. The shorts already sold out. The shorts were a five hundred dollar collaboration and if you went looking for them after you saw the King wearing them, they were gone. Yes, you heard me right. People rushed online to drop half a thousand on shorts and will probably spend even more on the secondary market, just to wear what LeBron was wearing.

And that is part of the reason why LeBron is a Laker. With all due respect to the Cavs, if he re-signed with them, nobody’s rushing to drop a few hundred bucks on special Cavs shorts just because LeBron wore them. 

Same with the Rockets. Great team, amazing potential if you had Beard, CP3, and LBJ, but nobody’s breaking the internet to get Rocket shorts. But they are for LeBron and the Lakers. And that’s just based off a drop-in at Las Vegas Summer League. Just wait until this machine gets rolling. Wait to see what Nike and all of LeBron’s other partners do. Because it’s going to be something else. 

Iconic player on an iconic team with a passionate fanbase? Look the hell out. LeBron plus the Lakers plus Laker fans is the ultimate power trio. If this is the reaction when he shows up for a summer league game against the Pistons in July, imagine what it will be like the first time he breaks out actual Laker gear in an actual Laker game. Or when he drops a triple double in Madison Square Garden in Laker colors.  

He hasn’t dribbled a ball or made a pass in Laker gear and people are already freaking out. 

And if he wins a ring with the Lakers, you can cancel Christmas, Flag Day, Arbor Day, and just about everything else. Because everyone will lose their bleep. 

That’s why those dopes throwing paint on LeBron murals are so incredibly dumb. This isn’t a Kobe-LeBron thing. Because there isn’t a Kobe-LeBron thing. Kobe welcomed LeBron to LA and if you’re not on board, you’re about to be left behind. And you’re going to feel like an idiot when you try to jump on board later. 

LeBron is smart as hell. He knows what he’s doing when he rocks those shorts to a summer league game. But don’t get it twisted. He didn’t just make the move to LA just for LeBron Incorporated. He wants to win. He wants to win badly. But the truth is, he’s winning before he even steps on the court.  

Oh, and Cleveland fans, if seeing LeBron in Laker shorts wasn’t painful enough, it had to sting even more seeing him chatting with Ty Lue, while wearing those shorts.

And seeing him leave after the Lakers game ended, and right before the Cavs game started. Here’s some salt for that LeBron-sized wound. And it’s only going to get worse. Because LeBronWatch2018 didn’t end when he chose the Lakers. In fact, it’s barely started. And it’s only going to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.