Le'Veon Freaking Bell

A legendary rant.

Jim Rome
July 23, 2019 - 9:16 am
Le'Veon Bell

USA Today


I had Ross Tucker on the show yesterday and he talked about what the last few days before the start of NFL training camp are like. And according to Ross, they are awful. They are full of dread because you know what’s about to start. You know what’s waiting for you in camp and then when the season starts.

And for Le’Veon Bell, this time of year is the time to get something off his chest. He has a message for all of you who think he’s not focused enough. Are you ready? Roll it.

That is absolute gold.

First of all, check out the vocal stylings early on, when he’s making fun of people who crack on him.

“Oh, Le'Veon, you not focused. You only wanna make music. You wanna play basketball. You do everything besides play football”

And then he picks up steam.

"Everybody talking, I know you've got a favorite person, a favorite athlete, your mom, your dad, whatever. Somebody who works at Target, do you think when they work from 9 to 5, they go home and all they doing is worrying about putting bleeping bleep on the shelves? They trying to worry about what serial numbers are coming up? No."

"You think Bron is waking up, he ain't have no Taco Tuesdays? Bron don't have no Taco Tuesdays, you all think he's hooping all day? You think Beyoncé is waking up singing all day? She don't go to work, she don't act? She don't do nothing else with her kids? You all think she's waking up singing?"

And the best part of all this? He’s doing it on an escalator. In an airport. He is moving about the country and spitting knowledge into the universe.

Just about everyone who’s ever been in an airport is in a fog. They’re just looking to get through TSA, get to the Cinnabon or Auntie Anne’s or Wetzel’s Pretzels, and shove that in their pie hole.

But not Le’Veon. He’s dropping knowledge on an airport escalator. And he even has thoughts about that airport escalator.

Because according to him, some of you think he shouldn’t be on the escalator, he should be running up the steps, because that would get him in better shape.

And then, sure enough, in the second video, he’s running down the steps and hyping the guy on the escalator next to him who’s running down the escalator.

And no, this is not like Antonio Brown. Certainly not like recent Antonio Brown. Le’Veon was funny. Brown’s stuff when he wanted out of Pittsburgh wasn’t funny, it was annoying. And tired. None of that ever made me laugh.

Le’Veon made me laugh with this. I didn’t laugh at Antonio Brown facetiming while doing cardio. That was just weird; and weird is normally good. But not in that case. Mr. Big Chest wasn’t cool and wasn’t funny.

Le’Veon Bell going off on an airport escalator is both: it made me laugh. 

And more importantly,  – he’s right.

I know a lot of people don’t want to hear this, but there is only so much time every day that an athlete can dedicate to his or her sport. And there are only so many days a year they can do it. You can’t go hard every minute, of every day. And not doing so, doesn’t mean you don’t care.   

I’m not giving Bell a pass. That doesn’t mean you just coast on everything, but athletes are allowed to have hobbies and things that they like doing, just like you’re allowed hobbies and things you like doing. They’re allowed Taco Tuesdays. They’re allowed to rest.

Le’Veon doesn’t have to be running gassers all the time. He doesn’t need to be in the weight room eight hours a day. Not only does he not need to do that, it wouldn’t be smart if he did do that. 

And sure, it’s putting a bit of a target on his back and if he doesn’t deliver this season, he’s going to hear about this. If things don’t work out with the Jets, there are people who are going to be saying that he definitely should be missing Taco Tuesdays and that he should be running up escalators.

And when the time comes, maybe he’ll own it and maybe he won’t. But if your reaction to this video is to not laugh, if you’re reaction is to say that he’s giving the critics ammo and he’s going to regret that, my reaction is to tell you to lighten up. That’s the best use of time on an airport escalator in a long time.  

The same people killing him are probably the same tools he jump on the airport people move and just stand there, posted up on the railing. Better yet, as for Lev….The only thing better would be if he then started treating an airport people mover like a treadmill. Just jump on that giant conveyor belt going the wrong way and get some steady state cardio.