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Listen To Johnny, Baker

Johnny Manziel has some advice for Baker Mayfield. Whether he wants it or not.

March 29, 2018 - 11:44 am

Johnny Manziel: has some advice for Baker Mayfield. Whether he wants it or not. And obviously he doesn’t.

Manziel, sounding like a guy who threw it all away, and pretty much has, told his advice to Mayfield would be to quote, “quiet the noise. The more you can do to say quiet, the better. He’s already a lightning rod, just like I was.” He went on: "If I could go back and change things, I would be the biggest homebody, the biggest football-only guy and not do much of anything else off the field because everything else already comes with huge publicity and huge talk. He doesn't have to do anything. If he can do that for a couple of years, then the whole narrative around him completely shifts from a guy who is outspoken and wild and cocky to a guy who's about his business and a guy who cares about his craft and what he's doing."

He went on: "I don't think he likes the comparisons to me, but at the end of the day we played similarly," Manziel said. "We both aren't traditional, we both scramble, we both are from high schools in the hill country, we both played in similar schools in the same region of the country. Whether he likes it or not, there's a lot to compare.”

J Football is  right about everything he said there. Everything. If he knew then, what he knows now, we’re not having this conversation. And he wouldn’t already be out of the league less than two years in. But he didn’t know. 

And he didn’t figure it out until he had thrown it all way. Mayfield, of course, would say, I’m not that dude. I’m not dumb. And maybe he’s not. Maybe Mayfield doesn’t have the self-destruct mechanism that Manziel does. Or some of the other problems that Manziel has, with substance abuse and mental illness, for example. But Manziel is right when he says there are some similarities. And the comparison, isn’t out of line. 

Mayfield, like Manziel, is a shorter q.b., and like Manziel he did have issues off the field; and some issues on the field as well. And there are questions about whether or not this guy can step into an NFL huddle and lead grown ass men. Whether or not he’s a first one in, last one out type, who can impose his will  in the locker room. These are all legitimate questions; and so is the comparison to Manziel; he should know that and instead of pushing back, or bristling when they come up, because he knows they will, just answer the questions. Address it. 

Listen I’d want Mayfield on my side. I think this cat is electric. I love him. What I don’t love is how he’s handling these questions. He may resent Manziel and the comparisons to Manziel, but they’re not nearly as far off as he thinks they are. And instead of resenting Manziel, he’s should listen to him. Everyone entering the league should. Because he’s right. And it’s great advice for anyone about to enter the league. Stay quiet. Be a homebody. Be the biggest football guy ever. And the rest will take care of itself. Focus on the rest and not football and you’ll be out of the league within two years like Manziel. So, Manziel’s right. Problem is, by the time he figured it out, it was probably too late. So instead of Mayfield resenting him, he would be wise to listen to him. Everyone should.  Because Manziel’s right.