The Los Angeles Freaking Clippers

What it do, babbbbyyyyyy?

Jim Rome
July 08, 2019 - 9:20 am
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

USA Today


I’m back from five days off and I have just four words. I could say these four words and then just shut the show down for another couple of weeks, because nothing sums up anything better than these four words:

What it do, babbbbyyyyyy?

I’ll tell you what it do – the Clippers, the Los Angeles Clippers, did the damn thing. They did absolutely everything. That was a holy bleep moment on Friday night into Saturday morning when the news broke that Kawhi was signing with the Clippers.

An absolutely huge, franchise-altering, league changing move. The Los Angeles Clippers, the team that nobody ever wanted to sign with, just landed the guy everyone wanted.

They ripped him from Toronto where he’d just won a title and kept him away from the Lakers, where he would’ve been part of an absolutely legendary big three. They did this. The Los Angeles Clippers.

And don’t make this about what the Raptors and Lakers didn’t do, I’ll get to that later. Make this about what the Clippers did do.

Because that is absolutely stunning. It’s jaw-dropping. And as big as it is, I’m not sure that people are making a big enough deal out of this. It is one of the most amazing things ever.

And that’s not me bashing the Clippers and their current organization that is me hyping them and pointing out how far they’ve come. That’s me hyping Steve Ballmer for what he’s done since taking over.

Remember back when I had Ballmer on my Showtime show and I asked what Clipper Nation could expect of him? My man said he was 100, 200, 600 percent Boom! Committed. 

You might have laughed then, but my man was focused, committed, and he was locked in 100, 200, 600 percent boom! Landing Kawhi is BOOM!

You might want to laugh at Ballmer when he’s going nuts on the sideline at games, but are you trying to tell me that doesn’t matter? That dude wants to win. And is willing to do anything and everything necessary to win. 

You want to laugh at some of his legendary moments when he’s on the mic, yelling, and dancing? Go right ahead, my man isn’t far away from doing that at a NBA championship parade. Yeah, I said it. This could be coming to a parade through downtown Los Angeles.

And it’s not just Ballmer. It’s Doc Rivers. It’s Lawrence Frank. It’s Michael Winger. It’s Lee Jenkins. It’s Jerry Freaking West.

Landing Kawhi isn’t a fluke. It’s not some salary cap accident and they were the only team left standing. They were on Kawhi’s case all year. They had a plan and they were working that plan. Every damn day. And they were going up against the team where Kawhi had just won a title and against their own big brother. And little brother just hospital jobbed big brother. 

10 years ago, they won 19 games. They weren’t trying to tank. They were just being the Clippers. That’s what they did, babbbyyyy.

And then they signed Kawhi Leonard, the most sought-after free agent, the guy who just led the Raptors. The freaking Toronto Raptors!! To the NBA title and was named Finals MVP for the second time.

That the Clippers got this guy is unreal. It really is. Especially since every talking head and dope in the world had him going to the Lakers or staying in Toronto. So yes, him going to the Clips is unreal. 

 And you know what is even more unreal? You know what’s better than getting Kawhi? Getting Kawhi AND  Paul George.

And that’s exactly what they did thanks to a monster trade with the Thunder. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are going to be playing for the Clippers.

I said, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are going to be playing for the Clippers. If it feels like I’m repeating myself, it’s because I am. Because I still can’t believe it.

And let’s not get jaded here. Let’s not let the fact that news breaks, the internet shatters, and then it’s rebuilt in a matter of hours, rob us of the significance of this. The Los Angeles Clippers just added not one, but two MVP candidates. Yes, Paul George is coming off a pair of shoulder surgeries, but when healthy he’s one of the best two-way players in the league. And the only reason he isn’t the best two-way player in the league is because Kawhi IS the best two-way player in the league. And now they’re on the same team.

And joining Patrick Beverley. You think that trio is going to play some defense and cause some headaches? Hell yes.  And then you add in Montrez Harrell and Lou Williams. And Landry Shamet. And Moe Harkless.

They effectively took a team that gave the Warriors all they could handle in the first round last year, and they added two MVP-candidates. And not just two MVP candidates, but two MVP candidates who appear to be perfect fits for the team’s mentality and attitude.

I take a look at that roster and what they can do next year and six words come to mind:

Turn up.

Love you guys.


Nothing is guaranteed and there will be bumps in the road, and all it takes is one injury to jack this whole thing up, but this Clippers team is damn good.

Here’s something I’ve never said before on the show: did the Clippers just become the NBA title favorites? I repeat – did the Clippers just become the NBA title favorites?

Not only have I never asked that, but the answer has never been yes. Until now.

And when the question is: did the Clippers just become the NBA title favorites and the answer is yes, there’s only one other question to ask:

What it do, babyyyyyy?