Lou vs. Perk

So Perk takes a run at Lou and Lou had a little something for Perk over Magic City visit. Love it.

Jim Rome
July 28, 2020 - 10:22 am
Lou Williams

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I said it here yesterday and I will say it again: Lou Williams is a legend. Winning three Sixth Man of The Year awards is elite, but hitting up Magic City Gentleman’s Club when you’re out of the NBA bubble is next level.

And then saying that you went there because of the wings, is next level 2.0. And then being right about saying it, because your name is on the damn menu, is full-on mind-blowing.

Lou Williams stopping off at Magic City Gentleman’s Club for “Louwill Lemon Pepper BBQ wings” is quite possibly the greatest moment in NBA history. Correction, world history.

It does not get more legendary than that.

Oh yes it does.

Because yesterday, Kendrick Perkins took a run at Lou Williams on TV. And then retweeted a clip of the segment with the caption: It’s disturbing when a Rookie in Zion Williamson can act more Mature than NBA vet Lou Williams!!!

Now, let me say this about that. I’ve had Kendrick Perkins on the show back in the day. I really enjoyed talking to him. He always struck me as a really interesting player and person.

But the last thing anyone should be doing is taking a run at Lou Williams on Twitter. Because Lou will clap right back.

You should never come for Lou on twitter at any time, but especially now, because he’s sitting in quarantine. All my guy has is time right now. He’s got time, he’s got Twitter fingers, and he’s got a phone. And he’s not afraid to use it. 

So Perk takes a run at Lou and Lou had a little something for Perk, quote:

15 years in this business and the most dirt you have on my name is stopping to get hot wings during a pandemic. Perk. Shut up. And stop laughing and saying it’s just TV when you run into me too.

Boom! That is one hell of a tweet. Every part of that tweet is great.

The first sentence: 15 years in this business and the most dirt you have on my name is stopping to get hot wings during a pandemic.

Print it up. Frame it. Hang it in wall, and shellack it to a piece of wood because that’s not coming down. What an incredible sentence. I’ve been around for a decade and a half and the worst thing you can say about me is that I stopped off to get hot wings during a pandemic. So? That’s it? That’s the most dirt you’ve got? Keep moving.

But it gets better.

Then you’ve got a sentence that is just: “Perk.” Nickname. Period.

Followed up by: “Shut up.’’ Nickname. Period. Shut up. Period.  Perk.  Shut up. 

That is outstanding.

But then you come to the final sentence which is the real hammer: “And stop laughing and saying it’s just TV when you run into me too.”

In other words, be real. Don’t say this bleep on TV and then laugh it off when we’re face to face and say that you were just performing for the camera. Be real about it. If you’re going to say it, say it and mean it. And then own it when you see me. Don’t be two-faced. 

And then Williams followed that up with another tweet: But I digress. I went home to see a man off to his final resting place that was a giant in my life. I don’t want that to get lost in all this attention. So again, LONG LIVE THE GREAT PAUL WILLIAMS SR. Back to my quarantine so I can join the guys soon. Peace

But it wasn’t over. Because Montrez Harrell came rushing in from the locker room to join the fight. He was the third man in and he tweeted:

Big Perk, what you not gone do is talk wild to the OG, when you don’t got all facts

That’s what a teammate does. That is what a teammate is for. You have your guys back in a fight, even if it’s on twitter. And Montrez is the kind of teammate you want in a situation like that. He’s coming in and he’s ready to lay down the law for Perkins.

But Williams still had people coming for him. There was a random guy on twitter who tweeted: I can’t believe Lou Williams went to the strip club! The STRIP CLUB! During the restart!

And Lou responded: Cause u never been to one a day in your life. Lol

Then there was a tweet he received that read: You're getting on my very last nerve. This is not about you. Or your damn wings. It's about every single player you put at risk because of your actions. Stop tweeting for heaven's sake. And do better.

And Williams responded: U can be quiet as well. I got tested every day I was home and I also had a mandatory quarantine upon returning to campus regardless. That’s the protocol. So u stop tweeting.

Sure, I went to a gentleman’s club for wings during a pandemic, but I followed testing protocol, so you stop tweeting.

Here’s one thing I know: I don’t want Lou to stop tweeting. In fact, I want him tweeting more. Because as great as this story was, it’s getting better with every tweet.