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Luck’s New Look

Andrew Luck is back in the news.

May 31, 2018 - 11:18 am

Andrew Luck is back in the news. And not for throwing a football, which he still hasn't. And not for gearing up for OTA’s, which he didn't do either. 

But for looking absolutely SHREDDED, when he was spotted at the Indy 500 over the weekend after riding his Schwinn to the Brickyard. 

Have you seen the photo? It's Luck, in a bike helmet that looks like the bucket Gretzky used to wear back in the day. Rocking a muscle shirt. And with two absolutely enormous arm cannons holstered to his shoulders. 

This is a dude who isn't throwing a football. But he's clearly throwing iron around 7 days a week. He is massive. Absolutely yoked. Again, this is a guy who hasn't thrown a football when it matters in over 500 days, yet he cleared hasn't skipped bi's and tri's in months. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture is just screaming "DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO?" 200 straight times. 

Look, whatever the hell is going on with Luck is one of the great mysteries of the NFL. This is a guy who was flying to Europe for treatment. Who at this time last year looked like a hipster in skinny jeans drinking organic, conflict-free coffee. Now he's looking like the incredible hulk. And if you're a Colts fan, you have to be jacked up enough to throw a couple wheels on the bench press and get a lift in on your own.

Remember, in early April, Luck was just giving us the Joel Embiid "Trust the Process" mantra. The only problem was, nobody had any clue what the process was for this guy. His owner didn't. He was telling anybody who'd listen that Luck would be ready for last season, and then when that didn't happen he made it seem like the issue was between Andy's ears, not in the ligaments that are getting stretched to the max just making sure those tree trunks don't dent his torso. 

Now it's been a minute since we've seen this guy on the field. But it's worth reminding people: When he's right, Luck's a top-shelf, franchise quarterback. When he's right, he's worth the hella jack the Colts are paying him -- 87 million dollars guaranteed. And with Frank Reich bringing that Philly system to Indy and Chris Ballard drafting him some protection, after some dark dark days, this dude looks ready for Suns Out, Guns Out. 

Because Andy Luck rolled up to the Indy 500 looking like the Brickyard himself. And if that beach bod is any indication, dude's gonna step onto the field and throw the first football he puts his hands on outta the damn stadium. Again, I don’t know if and when they’ll let this guy in the stadium. I just know he could put it on a bar and put it up 25 times without breaking a sweat.