Madison Bumgarner and Max Muncy

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Mad Bum vs. Mad Max

Ball meet water. Water. Ball.

June 10, 2019 - 11:05 am

Let me start this take by saying one thing: I have absolutely nothing but respect for Madison Bumgarner. He is an absolute stud. An animal. The last of a dying breed in so many ways.

But yesterday’s Dodgers-Giants game in San Francisco was not his finest moment. Don’t get me wrong. He pitched a hell of a game. 7 innings, one earned run, had himself a day: the very definition of a quality start. 

But the second batter of the game was Max Muncy. And Bumgarner made the mistake of leaving a 92-mile per hour fastball over the plate. Mad Bum meet Mad Max. Mad Max, Mad Bum. Ball meet water. Water. Ball.

Roll it.

And Mad Bum got mad. Muncy wasn’t two steps out of the box before Mad Bum had cut the distance between the two of them and started bumping his gums. And that were both jawing and gesturing at each other before Muncy had even gotten to first base. So if he hadn’t stop to admire his work before then, and he hadn’t, you can be damn sure he was going to enjoy the rest of his trip around the bases. 

Again, nothing but respect for Mad Bum, but as red asses go, this dude is not only a first ballot selection, he’s unanimous pick; he’d get 100 percent of the vote for the red ass hall of fame. 

And he will go from. Zero to the hands in less than a second. So…what set him off this time? Just baseball guys being baseball guys. According to Bumgarner, Muncy “just struck a pose and walked further than I liked.”

According to Muncy, it was this:

Shut it down! Let’s go home!

Muncy crushed that ball 426 feet and then chased that by squaring up and drilling  Bumgarner’s soul about a million feet further. 

That’s so freaking strong. First off—referring to the San Francisco bay as the ocean is just awesome. I don’t care if it’s wrong. It just sounds so much better. And then inviting Madbum to go fish it out is straight legendary. Especially when you’re a fourth-year player, mid-trot, and you’re verbally abusing a World Series MVP who needs some bait and tackle to go get back the ball you just hammered. 

In other words….hey, Mad Bum, tell me how my bleep tastes. That is such an incredible response. Honestly, a perfect response. 

And it really is the perfect response.

Again, I really like Bumgarner. You might not find a more competitive guy in any sport than Madbum. He is legit. He is for real. He’s just confused. 

After the game, he attempted to explain the situation: "they want to let everybody be themselves. Let me be myself. I just as soon fight than walk or whatever. Just do your thing, I’ll do mine.''

Right, except you doing your thing and Muncy doing his seem to be in conflict with each other. When he crushes your fastball into the rink, he doesn’t have to make you feel better about yourself by sprinting around the bases. He get over. So, he gets to do his thing. And you have to wear that. When you win, you get to do yours. That’s the deal.

Happens to the best of em. Even you get you touched up. Not the first time, won’t be the last. 

Take the l and keep moving. Tip your cap and get on to the next batter.

And let’s be real, are you really pissed about the way Muncy is reacting to the home run or pissed about the pitch that you threw?

I don’t want to get all Sigmund Freud on you, but it sure seems like there are some serious issues of transference here. Is your anger really with Max Muncy for taking his time, which he didn’t or Madison Bumgarner for putting that one on a tee for him?

Again, telling a batter who just hit one about 900 feet, don’t watch the ball, run is utterly lame: and especially when Muncy wasn’t doing anything wrong. He wasn’t showing the pitcher up. He wasn’t disrespecting the game. He was just doing his job and doing it damn well. Don’t watch the ball, run, is pretty incredible. Oh, ok Don Drysdale. Even worse than having a guy hit it 500 feet of you, that’ll happen, is that moronic act after it happens: pitchers look like such dopes when they do that. Don’t watch the ball, just run.   You got it Walter Johnson. It really is a moronic thing for any pitcher to say. Let me tell you something, y’all are fighting a losing battle, and, and you’re killing the game in the process. I love Mad Bum, but I hate the way he handled that. And don’t tell me that’s what makes him great. It’s not. Not at all. Be a red ass. Keep your fire. But instead of trying to fight the two steps out of the batter’s box for doing his job, tip you cap. He got you. The world has changed Bob Feller: time you changed with it. 

Because telling guys not to celebrate the most exciting moment in a game that can be pretty boring is the worst idea ever. It’s killing the game. It just is. I love Mad Bum but hate the way he handled it.