Major Changes Are Needed In Chicago

 It will take a miracle for this team to turn it around.

Jim Rome
November 17, 2020 - 9:53 am
Adam Thielen

USA Today


If you missed the Vikings and Bears last night, you really didn’t miss anything at all.  That game went exactly the way you’d expect the Vikings and Bears to go. The way it always goes... In fact, when was the last good Monday night game? Again, Monday Night Football is supposed to be one of the best things ever. At least that’s the way I remembered it growing up. It wasn’t just the best game of the week, it was like the best show on television; all of television. Dang. How times have changed. Not only is not the best show on television, it’s nowhere near even the best game of the week: now we get garbage like Vikes v. Bears, Pats v. Jets the week before and that bucs-giants buzzkill the week before that. 

What I’m saying is, Monday night is the new Thursday night. And that is not a good thing. And that was a bad game. Not just a bad game, but a boring game.  Pretty much unwatchable. If this wasn’t my job, and they didn’t pay me to watch it, there’s no way I would have.  But I am, if anything, all about the job, and  if the job says suck it up and suffer through bad football, then that’s what I’ll do. In fact, I’ll hop on a grenade for all of you.  I’ll watch it so you don’t have to!

In case you missed it, and for your sake, I hope you did, the Vikings won 19-13. And all you need to know about how terrible this game was, is to know that the most memorable moment of the entire evening was Nick Foles getting hurt in the final minute:

That did not look good at all. In fact, it looked terrible, not so much the hit itself, but how Foles reacted to it. That told you something was very wrong. That was awful. It was crappy cherry on top of a puke sundae.

Credit to the Vikings for grinding it out and finding a way to win, especially when the Bears were keying on Dalvin Cook all game. Kirk Cousins found Adam Thielen for this touchdown.

And then found him in the fourth quarter for another td.

And he got a win, which means we can stop hearing people talk about his 0-9 record on Monday night. I’m not sure who’s more relieved about that, Kirk or me. Probably me, because it’s so tired and played and everyone talks about it like they’ve just discovered the answer to life and they’re the only ones who know it. You’re not there isn’t anyone walking around on this planet who didn’t know that Kirk Cousins was 0-9 on Monday’s.  Now he’s 1-9. And we can finally stop talking about it. 

Here’s something that isn’t new – the Chicago Bears are garbage. That’s not new information, but it’s getting underlined every time they play and the font is getting larger.  They’ve lost four in a row; and I’d love to tell you Bears fans, this is rock bottom. But it’s not. It can still get worse. And it will. And as long as I have your attention Bears fan….remember how pissed you all were when folks were calling the Bears the worst 5-1 team ever? And how you all lost your bleep when you heard it? How you all, wanted to fight anyone who said it and insisted you are what your record says you are? Yeah, and where are you all now? You were the worst 5-1 team ever. In fact, that’s probably giving you too much credit. They were not a good team when they were 5-1, and they’re a bad team right now that’s getting worse. A team that is wasting a championship caliber defense and is utterly revolting on offense. And of course. You were the worst 5-1 team ever; any team that starts 5-1 and ends up in last place is obviously the worst 5-1 team ever. And that’s exactly where you’re headed.

Now they’re 5-5 and YOU still aren’t what their record says they are. 5-5 SAYS AVERAGE: AND YOU HAVE A HELLUVA LONG WAY TO GO TO JUST TO GET TO AVERAGE. You just got beaten in their own house by a team that was 1-5 a few weeks back and on the verge being broken down for parts. Credit to the Vikings for turning their season around, but it’s not like the Bears just lost to a Super Bowl contender.

But I’m a glass half full guy. I’m not just going to roll in here and bash the Bears, I’m looking for the positive and the positive is that defense. That defense is damn good.

Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith, Eddie Jackson, are you kidding me? That crew is good. And they shut down Dalvin Cook for the first half before Akiem Hicks had to leave the game with an injury.

If their defense doesn’t play lights out, they’re going to lose. And even if the defense does play lights out, they’re still probably going to lose.

That defense deserves an offense that is so much better than it currently is. That defense deserves an offense that plays the way they do, at an elite level, but they don’t need that. They just need an offense that won’t PUKE ALL OVER ITSELF.

Actually, they almost don’t even need that. They nearly had enough with just that kickoff return for a touchdown coming out of halftime.

That was your highlight of the game right there. Not just Patterson throwing up the deuces when he was about 30 yards from the end zone, but Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer going absolutely nuts on the sideline.

Because he knew, that is the one guy you don’t want to kick to. When you’re facing the Bears, you’d be fine with absolutely anyone with the ball in their hands, except for Patterson on a kickoff. Because that is the only way they are going to move the ball at all.

Because they sure as hell aren’t going to be moving it on the ground. Their longest running play last night was six yards. That was their longest rush. The team of Gale Sayers and Walter Payton couldn’t break a seven-yard run last night.

And that’s nothing new. Their longest rush in the last two games is 11 yards. And it was by Barkevious Mingo on a fake punt.

Matt Nagy is an alleged offensive wizard and his home run threat on the ground is Barkevious Mingo on a fake punt.

And it is really hard to see how any of that gets any better. Not with that offensive line, not with that offensive scheme, and not with that head coach.

It’s too early to say how long Foles will be out, but it’s not good when he’s getting carted off. And if you’re thinking we’ll just go back to Mitchell Trubisky, that’s easier said than done considering the fact that he’s out with a shoulder injury and the fact that he’s Mitchell Trubisky.

So let me simplify this for you – it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s Nick Foles or Mitchell Trubisky or Peter Tom Willis or Kyle Orton or Mike Tomczak – it will take a miracle for this team to turn around. And I don’t see that miracle happening any time soon.

Major changes have to be made. And if you’re not going to do it for yourselves, do it for me, so I have to sit through any of their games ever again. Sure they pay me to do it, but believe this, not nearly enough. And the only one more pissed than every single bear on the defensive side of the ball, is me. I’m not having it. And I guarantee Kalil, and Roquan and the rest of the fellas aren’t either.