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Marc Stein

The NY Times NBA writer talks free agency.

June 28, 2019 - 11:45 am

Info & Stats:  New York Times NBA Writer

All Topics: Big West ball | NBA Free Agency starting Sunday at 6 pm EST | Tweet on Kyrie Irving being as much a target for the Lakers as Kawhi Leonard | Doesn’t think Lakers will get Kyrie or Kawhi | Lakers adding a 3rd max guy | Depth vs. a 3rd superstar | Kevin Durant | Kemba to the Celtics |

June 28th 2019


May 17th 2019

All Topics: Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers | Game 2 | Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green | Seth Curry’s comments about Warriors being harder to guard without Kevin Durant | Portland has overachieved | Green’s talents | Kevin Durant’s future | Expects DeMarcus Cousins back before Durant | Houston Rockets coming up short |



Mar 8th 2019

All Topics: Winning Curt Gowdy media award | His career journey | Stories and people who stick out to him over the news | Charles Barkley is the best | LeBron’s first season as a Laker | This summer doesn’t look good the Lakers and big free agents | Andrew Bogut | Warriors possibly going after Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2022 | Thinks KD will leave Golden State after season


Feb 8th 2019

All Topics: NBA Trade Deadline | Anthony Davis not leaving New Orleans | Explains why the Pelicans didn’t move Anthony Davis | Lakers not having enough assets to get Davis | Zion Williamson | Danny Ainge’s mind | Anthony Davis is adamant that he won’t sign a long term extension with the Celtics | The Big 4 teams in the Eastern Conference | Milwaukee Bucks | Nikola Mirotic | Kevin Durant’s battle with the media |


Dec 19th 2018

All Topics: Phoenix – Memphis – Wizards trade falls through over Dillon – MarShon Brooks name issue | NBA Twitter | LeBron James’ comments on Anthony Davis | LeBron’s patience | Anthony Davis in New Orleans | Not in Davis’ personality to go to New Orleans in season and ask for a trade | Dream scenario for the Lakers to build around James | LeBron dining with Melo early this week | Buffalo Sabres


Nov 12th 2018

All Topics: Jimmy Butler traded to Philadelphia Sixers | Butler’s tenure in Minnesota | Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Jimmy Butler | Butler’s relationship with KAT, and Andrew Wiggins | Carmelo Anthony’s future in Houston


July 12th 2018

All Topics: Feels like Houston deserves the benefit of the doubt in terms of signing Carmelo Anthony | Golden State and everyone else still in the NBA | Golden State getting DeMarcus Cousins | Tony Parker in a Charlotte jersey | Parker and Kawhi Leonard’s relationship | Doesn’t think Kawhi and Spurs can repair their relationship | Kawhi’s health |


May 23rd 2018

All Topics: 2018 NBA Playoffs | Houston winning Game 4 at Golden State and evening the series | Andre Iguodala’s abscense in Game 4 | Golden State mentally right now | Thinks Golden State loses series if Igudola can’t play

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May 14th 2018

All Topics: College days vs. Dell Demps | Cavs vs. Celts | Brad Stevens | The Cavs have no answer for Al Horford | Houston vs. Golden State tonight | Chris Paul’s first trip to the Conference Finals | Mike D’Antoni | Article on Jerry West | West and Steve Ballmer’s relationship | Jerry West working for the Clippers | Gregg Popovich and Kawhi Leonard’s relationship | LeBron James | Blake Griffin trade |

CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight