Mark Canha

A's 1st baseman and outfielder talks boycott.

Jim Rome
August 28, 2020 - 10:32 am

Info & Stats: Oakland Athletics Player

All Topics: 2020 Season | Team’s decision not to play last night’s game in protest over systematic racism in the United States | Bruce Maxwell kneeling in protest of the national anthem and supporting him in 2017 | Being away from his family during this COVID-19 pandemic | Love for Trader’s Joe

Aug 28th 2020


Sept 13th 2019

All Topics: 2019 Season | Finishing a four-game series with Astros | Taking 3 of 4 from Houston | Beating Justin Verlander to finish the series | Wild Card race | His versatility | Bob Melvin | Playing for his hometown team | Love for the bay area