Mark Richt's Hot Dog Delight

Happy 60th, my man.

Jim Rome
February 20, 2020 - 11:54 am
Mark Richt

USA Today


Recently, there was a Jungle birthday that I missed. But what would I be without you Clones who were quick to remind me that Yoko Ono completed an 83rd trip around the sun. 

Happy birthday, Yokes! You’re utterly timeless. 

Well, it turns out there was another birthday I missed. At least on the show. Because I actually caught it on Twitter the other night when former Georgia and Miami head coach, Mark Richt posted a picture of his birthday dinner.

Mark Richt just turned 60 years old. And you might imagine someone celebrating a big round number like that would be headed to the steakhouse. Or Benihana’s. Or the sushi bar. 

Not Mark Richt. Mark Richt was headed to the microwave. 

And he posted the most gruesome looking dish I have ever seen and wrote, “Hot dog delight! My favorite birthday dinner!”

And below that caption was a photo of what looked like cat vomit covered in ketchup. 

For those wondering what the hell Hot Dog Delight is—Mark Richt actually laid it out in great detail at ACC Media Day back in 2018.

If you missed any of that here’s the revolting recipe he just ran down.

“Two slices of bread, put them in the oven on broil, toast one side, toast the other side. In the meantime you’re cooking your dog. I don't care how you cook it, you can boil it, you can grill it, you can microwave it. Doesn't matter. Slide the toasted bread out of the oven. Cut your dog’s long way. And lay them flat across the bread. Usually one or two dog’s per. Depends on how much dog you want. Then take American cheese and cover your dogs and bread completely. Slide it back in the oven. Melt your cheese. Bring it back out. Slide it on a plate. Take your beans and hammer your hot dogs, cheese and bread with the beans. Then you take ketchup and you hammer it with ketchup. You just devour it. Hot dog delight. It’s delightful.”

Turns out 60 year old Mark Richt is no different than 58 year old Mark Richt. Because two years later and he’s still hammering his insides with Hot Dog Delight. And doing it quite shamelessly, I might add.

Dude is 60 going on 6. Because what grown man would make this meal—let alone eat it? Is this guy Mark Richt or Mark Ritt?

If you haven’t done so already—head over to Richt’s Twitter feed and look at this abomination. It doesn’t look like food. It looks like the aftermath of food. And the only thing worse than the picture of Hot Dog Delight—were the thousands of diarrhea gifs left in the comments on his Twitter post. 

Bro—Happy Meals, Lunchables, Dino Nuggets, Pizza Rolls, Snack Packs, and Hot Pockets are all looking down on you right now wondering what the hell you’re doing to your body. 

This whole running thread about Gerrit Ritt’s diet might come off as hyperbole and as a joke. But I assure you, it’s not. I wish it was. But it’s not. Gerrit Ritt has the worst eating habits I have ever seen in my life. He starts his day Twinkies and a Yoohoo chocolate milk. He chases that with a hot chocolate and candy for show time. He picks the vegetables out of his frozen lunch. And he crushes Thai food three times a week. For how utterly insane Gerrit Ritt’s diet is—and it is utterly insane—he’s got nothing on Hot Dog Delight. Hell LeBron James can’t believe Hot Dog Delight goes down someone’s gullet. 

If you are what you eat then Mark Richt is a 60 year pile of Wonder Bread, hot dogs, beans, ketchup, and American Cheese. And I think we all know how bad American cheese is—thanks to Jeff in Southfield.

If Hot Dog Delight is what you’re asking for on your 60th birthday then you’ve got issues. But then again—pretty sure my man Ike slammed a bunch of candy and Dr. Peppers for his 90th. So who am I to judge?