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Matt Pat Wants Nothing To Do With Hard Knocks

Filming location: T.B.D

February 12, 2019 - 11:36 am

Took him a minute but Matt Patricia finally dialed up his best defense since taking over the Lions last year. Too bad it came in the middle February—which is an entire six weeks after Detroit finished D.F.L. in the North. But better late than never I guess.

Yesterday at a members meeting with season ticket holders, Matt Pat was asked about the Lions appearing on HBO’s Hard Knocks this upcoming year. The question came up because Detroit is one of five teams that the NFL can contractually force to do the show. Yes, there’s criteria. And, yes, the Lions meet it. So do the Raiders, the Redskins, the Giants, and the 49ers. 

But Matt Pat wants absolutely nothing to do with Hard Knocks. Wonder where the hell he got that from. How very, very Hood of him. Except—this isn’t New England. This is Detroit. And when you the miss the playoffs in two straight seasons—you become eligible for the show. So for the first time in his 15-year coaching career—Matt Patricia might have a reality TV crew roll up on him. And like I said—he doesn’t want that. And he said as much yesterday before adding this:

“I think Jon Gruden is an excellent choice for that show. I think the Oakland Raiders and everything they’ve got going on right now would be fantastic viewing for everybody to watch.”

In other words: Get the hell off my lawn—and go bother Chuckie. And Lions GM, Bob Quinn said the same thing: “Nobody wants to do it. Except Oakland.”

The Lions—of all teams—verbally flexing on HBO is rich. The same team that gets clowned on Jeopardy! For being terrible forever is the same team who’s too good for pay-per-view. Freaking hilarious. 

But to actually stand in front of the media and run some misdirection and straight up deflection on the Raiders is actually pretty awesome. And I respect the hell out of it. 

Because in this case—the Lions are absolutely right. The Raiders would be a helluva lot more entertaining than them. Three hours on a Sunday is plenty of run for the Lions. Hell, last year it was too much. But I’ll take all the silver and black I can get. 

Mark Davis getting a signature chop at Fantastic Sam’s. Jon Gruden trading his best players from his couch while he battles vertigo. Both of these dudes starring in an episode of Love It or List It—where they debate staying at the Coliseum for one more year or moving to Santa Clara to pay the 49ers rent. 

The show writes itself. The most interesting thing that happened all year in the D last season was Matt Pat scolding a reporter for not sitting up straight. 

Great moment, but no one needed Hard Knocks to see it. 

Consider the season HBO is coming off with the Browns. Baker Mayfield battling Tyrod Taylor. Mychal Kendricks getting released for insider trading. Brad Paisley putting the team to sleep with the world’s worst pep talk. Josh Gordon finally reporting to camp. And some dude whose parents actually named him Brogan Roback. 

Freaking tough act to follow. But the Lions are dead on when they say the Raiders are up for it. Because the Raiders are a content factory. And their head coach has never met a camera he didn’t fall in love with. So forget the Autumn Wind. Thisshould be the new jam for the silver and black. 

Print up the press release. Write up the call sheet. Get the Raiders on Hard Knocks. 

Filming location: T.B.D