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Melo Opts In

Cash that check. And do it with a smile.

June 26, 2018 - 12:00 pm

NBA Free Agency doesn't get started until July 1st, but it's official -- We already have a winner. And it's not the Lakers, or LeBron, or Kawhi, or Paul George. No, it's Carmelo Anthony. 

Because while the rest of the Association waits to see where the superstars everybody wants end up, the one that nobody wants did the one thing he can still do better than anybody -- CASH A CHECK. 

Because Melo's getting PAID. And while he ended last season unhappy with his role in the Thunder offense, and unwilling to play next season coming off the bench, you know that wasn't getting in the way of the one thing Melo will still D up for 16 years in: The bottom line. 

The 10-time All-Star had two choices this weekend. Option A: Opt out of his contract by midnight eastern on Saturday and hit the free agent market on July 1st. Or Option B: Do absolutely nothing, and play next season for 27.9 million dollars. 

Of course he chose Option B. And of course he did it in the most Melo way possible -- By trolling all his haters on social. 

Melo hit the Gram with one of the saltiest "Opt Ins" in the history of player options, posting from Düsseldorf, Germany the following: Oh you Mad, Huh? (Crying Face Emoji) Take a step back, Evaluate what is important, And Enjoy Life." # STAY MELO

Look, you're worth what someone is willing to pay you, and by that definition, Melo's worth 27.9 million dollars. By any other definition? He's worth a helluva lot less than that, considering he's coming off career per game lows in the following categories: 


field goals made 

field goals attempted

field goal percentage

two-point shots made

two-point shots attempted

two-point shot percentage

free throws made

free throws attempted

free throw percentage



and Points -- 16.2 a game his worst season by almost five points. 

About the only thing Melo's still reliable for these days is an extra salty Gram post, like the one from earlier this postseason when he jumped into the comments of an NBA meme that wondered if Kyle Korver was a better played now, 15 years in. 

That wasn't the only post on social that Melo put out there. Dude was throwing daggers on Gram all week, almost like he knew the blow-back from this contract was coming and he was doing some pre-emptive trolling. 

Like the post from a couple days ago where he was holding his wine glass in the air and looking straight into the camera before posting: "Mood: ALL MY CRITICS CAN BLEEP BLEEP ("Duck Sick") # STAY MELO. 

Or the one where he was enjoying another table full of wine and posted SO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME... NEVERMIND. # STAY MELO. 

I'm not here to tell the guy with the greatest contract in the history of contracts that he's doing it wrong, but he's doing it wrong. Not by opting in -- he had to opt in at that price -- but by getting worked up by all the eggs that clearly are under his skin. 

BRO, you're playing next season for 28 MIL. You're winning. No, you probably won't be winning on the court, especially if Paul George decides to leave. Or if the Thunder can deal you to someone who'll take your cap hit. But when has winning mattered to you?  

You didn't win a damn thing in New York and that didn't bother you. You let Phillip drag you through the mud and you never blinked. So why get salty because some hoop heads want to point out that you're a shell of the guy who won all those gold medals, made 6 All-NBA teams and won a scoring title?

Life's too short to get dragged into the mud on social. Cash that check. And do it with a smile. Because there's never gonna be another one like it.