The Mets Don't Take Vacation

Bobby Van Knightenen?

Jim Rome
July 08, 2019 - 11:36 am
Brodie Van Wagenen

USA Today


On Friday, June 28th I very clearly said into this exact microphone that I need a vacation from the Mets. So I took one. And it was glorious. The problem is, the Mets didn’t take vacation from being the Mets. And while I was in Wisco launching fireworks over Cranberry Lake—Brodie Van Wagenen was in Queens launching chairs over another blown save. Allegedly.

Look, I should have known that as long as the Mets had games on their schedule—that it didn’t matter what I had on mine. Because here I am, 10 days later and I have to talk about the Mets—again.

Before I get to the alleged chair throwing incident—let me go all the way back to last Saturday. Yeah, I said it. Last Saturday. The freaking Mets did something that didn’t just jump the day—it jumped the vacation. Because last Saturday the Mets decided to honor their 1969 World Series team before a game against the Braves. Because if the future is bleak and the present is even worse—why not live in the past and redirect some attention to a team from 50 years ago? What could go wrong?

Now, naturally, since it’s been 50 years—some of the members of 1969 Mets are unfortunately no longer with us. And in light of that, the Mets rolled a very nice in- memoriam slideshow tribute on the big screen to honor those late teammates. Except since this is the Mets were talking about—they screwed that up, too. Because why fact-check who’s alive and who’s dead—when you can roll a video tribute that includes two alive guys on the dead guys slideshow?

And that’s exactly what the Mets did when they added Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson to the in- memoriam video for the entire ballpark to see.

If Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson are dead, it’s news to them. And everyone else. Because one simple Google search will let anyone with an internet connection know that these two guys are very much alive. But if you were in the ballpark last Saturday, you would have seen their mugs up on the jumbo tron with the words “We Remember” right above their names and photos. Imagine being a friend or a family member who saw that video tribute insinuating these guys were dead. Either you’re highly offended or you’re rushing to a phone to find out why no one told you they died.

Again—it’s the New York Mets paying tribute to the New York Mets. It’s their own team. They’re own guys. They’re own World Series Champions. And they can’t keep straight whose dead and who’s alive. Either that or they don’t care. I’m actually kinda surprised that the Wilpons didn’t slip in a photo of Mickey Callaway just to send a message.

To be fair—the Mets did apologize the following day with a message on the video board saying sorry for killing Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson. But—again—it’s the Mets. So, of course, they misspelled Jesse Hudson. Look on the bright side, Jesse. In the end it was just your name that the Mets butchered.

That was Saturday the 29th. Fast forward to this past Friday. Edwin Diaz blows another save, the Mets lose another game, and fall to 10 games under .500. According to the New York Post, first year GM Brodie Van Wagenen called a meeting with team coaches and blew his lid. “After ripping the coaches, according to a source, the usually mild-mannered Van Wagenen picked up a chair and threw it and told Callaway to, ‘go conduct your effing press conference.’”

Bobby Van Knightenen.

So now the chairs are flying in Queens. From the GM. Who’s ripping the manager and his staff because the bullpen is rotten garbage water? I’m sure Mickey Callaway has no problem getting dressed down by his GM and having chairs thrown because, you know, Billy Martin once punched a reporter. 

That’s gonna be Mickey Callaway’s legacy to me. The building could be on fire but everything’s ok because Billy Martin once punched a reporter. 

BVW threw a chair? Who cares! Billy Martin once punched a reporter! 

We’ve now officially reached the killing guys who aren’t dead and throwing chairs part of the Mets season. And let me remind you all—it’s just the All-Star break.

Here’s to Brodie Van Wagenen texting Dave Roberts tomorrow night on when to take Jake deGrom out of the game.