Mets Fire GM Jared Porter

Same Old Mets.

Jim Rome
January 19, 2021 - 9:17 am
Jared Porter

USA Today


On November 6th, Steve Cohen’s deal to purchase the New York Mets became official. It was billed as the start of a new era for the Mets. The old days of being a jacked-up, embarrassing organization were over. Gone are the days of Mr. Met flipping off fans.  And little kids lighting the manager on the fire. 

Yep. Good days were a coming! Ehhhhh!! No they weren’t. In fact, things obviously are going to get a helluva lot worse before they get any better. Because this morning, the Mets fired their general manager, Jared Porter. And it was not part of a house-cleaning that Cohen started when he bought the team. Porter was actually part of the new regime.  He was supposed to be a part of the solution, not the problem. And no, he wasn’t fired because he hadn’t been active enough in free agency or the trade market. He was killing it there. 

No, he got broken because he was too active on his cell phone. And not too active in a click-bait sort of way or addicted to Instagram sort of way. But believe, dude could not put that phone down. For any reason. 

How active, you ask? Well, let me read the first sentence of a report from Mina Kimes and Jeff Passan that dropped last night. Here’s how the piece opens:

New York Mets general manager Jared Porter sent explicit, unsolicited texts and images to a female reporter in 2016, culminating with a picture of an erect, naked penis, according to a copy of the text history obtained by ESPN.

Bam! There you have it. Right in your face. That sums it all up right there.

I know a lot of you probably didn’t want to start your day by hearing about Jared Porter’s erect, naked penis and I sure as hell didn’t want to start my day by talking about it.

I probably should have said off the top that this next story is graphic in nature so you knew going in. My bad. I’ll make up for it now, but letting you know it’s about to get worse. So much worse. Because this creep just would not stop.

I’ll get it out of the way right now: Mets are gonna Met. Apparently that is the law of the land. It doesn’t matter who owns the team or who they hire, this organization is bound and determined to find itself in the middle of one weird or gross incident after another.  Hell Steve Philips cannot believe a Mets gm would act this badly. 

So here’s the next part of the report: The woman, a foreign correspondent who had moved to the United States to cover Major League Baseball, said at one point she ignored more than 60 messages from Porter before he sent the final lewd photo.

60 freaking messages! And one final lewd photo. Sidebar. Lewd is an amazing word: unfortunately, if often refers to creeps pushing out unwanted personal porn, but if there’s any way to get beyond and I’m not sure there is, lewd is a great word. 

Anyway, According to ESPN, Porter, who was working for the Cubs at the time, met the correspondent in an elevator at Yankee Stadium in June 2016. It was their only in-person meeting. They exchanged business cards and talked about international baseball prospects. I mean. You want to talk about your elevator pitch.

According to the report, Porter contacted her that afternoon and before the day was over, he texted her three times asking her out for a drink.

Let me jump in here with a friendly piece of advice – three times is absurd. Obviously it is not the most wildly inappropriate thing this creep did in the grand scheme of things, but if you are asking someone about getting a drink three times in the same day, that’s way too many.

I guarantee you that the person saw the first text about a drink, they don’t need to see a second or a third. The reason why they haven’t responded is because they don’t want to get a drink. Not because they haven’t seen the text or didn’t receive the text. It’s that simple.

According to the woman, at one point, she agreed to meet for a drink because she thought he was offering himself to be a source for her reporting. She couldn’t meet that night, but that didn’t stop Porter, who sent her an unsolicited selfie with the message: “like?”

Let me answer that question for you, J-Man: no. Unlike.  In fact, HATE.

As with all of this stuff, if you're not getting a hell yes, it's a hell no.

But Porter, being the creep that he is, JUST kept on. A few weeks later, he texted her to say: Why aren't we hanging out??" According to ESPN: Porter asked whether the woman remembered what he looked like and said: "You're so pretty. Do you have a boyfriend yet?" He sent a selfie and said: "It can be me!"

Again, you aren’t hanging out because she doesn’t want to hang out. But he wouldn’t stop. Somewhere in that exchange, he sent three pictures, “including the first of several that would show a man lying on a bed with a bulge in his pants.”

Porter, DUDE.   The hell is wrong with you? You are texting a photo of a “bulge” in your pants to a reporter? What is going on in your head? She is a professional and you’re sending her that crap?

When the woman realized the sexual nature of his communications, she stopped returning his texts. 

And according to the report, this began a pattern of unsolicited messages from Porter with zero responses from the woman. 62 in total.

Again, let me jump in here to say that if you are sending 62 messages to someone who is not responding, That’s not persistence, that’s harassment. I don’t care what the content of the messages are, even if the messages are dong free, and they’re not but even if they were that’s harassment and you know better, you loser.

But this guy wasn’t done going full-blown degenerate. In fact. He was just getting started. He’s a walking, talking Dateline To Catch a Predator episode. Get a load of some of the messages he started firing off.

"Which picture do you like the most?"

"Want to see more....?"

And then a message that was just a question mark.

And then another message that was just a question mark.

About five hours later: "Helllloooooo beautiful."

About 90 minutes after that: "Is it too much for you?"

About two hours later: "Where did you go?"

Almost three hours later, at 2:03 a.m.: "I'm bored."

This loser is about to go with something like “I can’t control my horny level.”

I know there are women listening right now who have received this kind of unwanted harassment and I’m going to guess there are men listening right now who have sent this kind of stuff.

And the worst part is, the guys who are doing this are okay doing this. And I’m telling you right now, and don’t think I’m violating some bro code: because if you’re doing this crap, you’re violating a moral code. Just stop doing it. Again, don’t confuse persistence with harassment.

If Jared Porter can’t be better than this, at least you can. 

Here’s one summary of some of the messages: The day after the woman stopped returning his texts, Porter wrote: "Mad at me?" Later that day, he sent three more pictures. The first was of a World Series ring he had won during his 12 years with the Boston Red Sox, with whom he had gone from intern to pro scouting director and won three championships. The other two were bed pictures of a man's clothed groin, to which he added a message: "Am I annoying you?"

Damn it, Porter. Read the room, you know if you have to ask “mad at me?” And “am I annoying you?” The answer is yes. You know that. She’s pissed. And you’re the most annoying guy ever.

If you’re asking the question, you already know the answer, idiot. Don’t pretend like you don’t.

And he wasn’t done. Here’s another summary of the messages: At 2:44 a.m one day, Porter texted: "I want to see you." According to ESPN: Seven hours later, he wrote: "Do you want to see me?" Three hours after that, he said: "I'm sorry." At 10:59 p.m.: "I thought we could have some fun."

On July 23, his fourth consecutive day of texting without a response, Porter wrote: ":-( I'm a nice guy you know." Later that day, he said: "Was it the pictures that made you mad?" That night, he sent another selfie.

Jared, delete your own number and throw away your phone. Just reading this crap is infuriating: I can’t only imagine what it must have been like to actually receive it; to actually show up on my phone...

And if you feel like you need to send a message that says “I’m a nice guy, you know” you’re a jerk.

And he still wasn’t done. Because in August, he texted: "I’ll be in LA this weekend at the best hotel in America, can you meet me there?"

What are you doing, jack wagon? She hasn’t responded to you in weeks and you’re inviting her to a hotel? I don’t care if you’re at a Four Seasons or Days Inn, she doesn’t want to see you. Ever. But he wouldn’t stop. The following day, he texted her to say: “You’re missing out.”

Let me jump in to say, she is not missing out at all. But he didn’t stop.

And then chased that with 17 photos, including the one that was described in the report as an “erect, naked penis.”

Are you proud of yourself, Porter? Because you shouldn’t be, you creep.

If she hasn’t responded to 60 messages, she’s not playing hard to get.

And as if this guy couldn’t have been more Dateline To Catch A Predator, his explanation for what happened is truly moronic.

When ESPN contacted Porter last night, he admitted texting the woman, but denied sending photos of himself. When told that the reporters had seen the selfies and other images, Porter said "The more explicit ones are not of me. Those are like, kinda like joke-stock images."

Oh, yes, those hilarious joke-stock images of erect penises that everyone knows and loves. Hilarious chief.  That dong wasn’t even your dong: why didn’t you just say so.

Check this dude: your defense is that you’re going somewhere online and stealing pics of other dudes’ junk and sending that to a reporter? You think that’s okay? You think that's a strong defense?

Hope that was worth it, loser. Because I know it wasn’t. And I know you lost your job because of it.  And the fact that I had to talk about your junk or your fake junk makes me want to quit my job, which so happens to be my dream job. You know, sort of like the dream job you just had, spent your whole life working for and just threw away. 

Maybe Porter got his Baseball GM mindframe mixed up with his social cues. You know… make the deal at all costs?

This isn’t an “Its-not-how-many-nos,-it’s-about-getting-that-one-yes”-scenario… that might apply to improving your ball club, but that just makes you a degenerate creep.

She’s not an assistant GM or an advanced scout. You aren’t trying to Jedi mind trick the Brewers into giving you Yelich for a bunch of Triple AAA lifers.

You’re not building your farm system, your ruining and tormenting a poor journalist’s life, you jackass. If you’re bored at 2:30am, take a sleeping pill.

If your texting out pics of your big unit, it better be Randy Johnson.