Michael Malone

Denver Nuggets head coach talks 2019-20 season, Nikola and more.

Jim Rome
December 17, 2019 - 10:40 am

Info & Stats: Denver Nuggets Head Coach

All Topics: 2019-20 Season | Coming up with a big defensive 4th quarter to beat the New York Knicks 111-105 | Nikola Jokic’s play | Jokic’s playoffs last season | Putting Jokic in the starting lineup for the first time 3 years ago | Nikola’s offensive IQ | Will Barton’s season | Barton’s off-season | Roster makeup | Sacrifice | Having so much depth | Never taking anything for granted | Balance | Working for Mike Brown |

Dec 17th 2019


July 15th 2019

All Topics: This team hasn’t done anything yet | Goal is a championship | Nikola Jokic | Jokic’s postseason play | Progression of getting better | Crazy-ness of NBA free agency | Can’t get caught up in what others are doing | Jerami Grant addition | Michael Porter Jr. | Felt sick for Porter Jr. over his knee injury | Porter Jr.’s talent | Will Barton talking about Malone’s growth | Isaiah Thomas