Mitchell Trubisky's Injury


Jim Rome
November 18, 2019 - 10:42 am
Mitchell Trubisky

USA Today


If you know me and you know the show, you know that I’m going to shoot you straight.  And. I’m not afraid to go out on a limb and make a bold statement. Never have been, never will be. Fact of that matter, I’ll say things that other people won’t. I’ll put it out there, now! And I’ll stand behind it, no matter how much heat comes my way. No matter how unhappy the suits are when I do it. Because they hired me to do a job, and dammit, I’m gonna do it. And that job requires you to have the tough conversations; to have the unpopular point of view: to say things that are going to put you right in the cross hairs.  You know this about me. And you either love it or hate it about me. Just know this.  I don’t care.  Because I am just doing my job. And I’m about to do it again. Ready? 

Are you prepared for this one?  Here goes. That Sunday Night game was not the best game I’ve ever seen. Yeah I said it. Not. The. Best. Game. Ever. 

Not even close, actually. And for quite a while, it was just boring.  And a waste of everyone’s time. And then Jalen Ramsey showed up. And then the Rams offensive line showed up. And Cooper Kupp showed up. And Aaron Donald kept causing chaos.

And when the Rams took a 17-7 lead with less than four minutes to go, I thought I’d be here this morning talking about how it looked like the Rams were starting to look like the old Rams and that they might have figured out something on the offensive line and that the running game was starting to look like itself again. And as it relates to Todd Gurley and his load mgmt.., PSSS PLEASEEE!

And then it happened. And by “it” I mean Chase Daniel entering the game for the Bears with 3:34 left to play. And more specifically, what I mean is Mitchell Trubisky being benched, errrrr, ahhhh, I mean, suffering from a brutal hip injury that prevented him from playing in a crucial, game-defining drive with their season and playoff hopes on the line.

And if you think he was benched, the Bears would like you to know you’ve got it all wrong. Because apparently Trubisky suffered a hip injury way earlier in the game.

The alleged franchise quarterback not playing in the most important drive of the season had nothing to do with the fact that he couldn’t move the offense and everything to do with, let me check again….it was…a…. , a hip injury that he suffered in the second quarter.

At least that’s the story they’re going with: Here’s Mitchell Trubisky: "It was something in the second half, one of the hits I took. Got evaluated at halftime, something in the hip region where -- I was trying to keep it loose the second half and be able to make plays for my team, and it just kept getting tighter and tighter in the hip region, and I just couldn't move around like I wanted to. And I was just throwing with a lot of arm, and I was trying to make plays and stay on the field and fight through. And just disappointed I couldn't finish."

And here’s Matt Nagy: “We knew it a few series earlier that something wasn't right. We watched him kind of just to keep an eye on him and see how it was, and I had to pull him aside and talk to him and just ask him and say exactly that we needed him to be honest with us. Trying to play through that is what he was doing, and at the same time, it was affecting a little of how he was able to throw. ... I don't want to put him at more risk, and I also don't want to affect how the play is for the team."

See? It has nothing to do with his inability to play the position and everything to do with him not being able to move his hip: how jacked up and jaded are all you people anyway? You really think the Bears would bench a quarterback who had thrown 43 passes for a total of 190 yards? They were averaging nearly 4 ½ yards per attempt. That is electric. And did you see the touchdown pass he threw?

Come on! That’s a franchise quarterback doing what franchise quarterbacks do. You really think you’re going to take that fire out of the lineup for a crucial drive? You think they’re ripping that legend from under center with the entire season on the line?? Really?

Again, their entire season was on the line right there: do you really think Nagy would pull a healthy Trubisky from the game, his franchise Q.B., and give the rock to an ice cold back up instead.

I mean, come on. Who do you think you’re dealing with? Someone who spent an insane amount of time in the offseason trying to find a kicker, only to watch that kicker shank a pair of kicks in the first half of a must-win game?

Come on. Do you really think they’d bench Mitchell Trubisky and then make up some injury to cover themselves? Make up some injury just to make it appear they didn’t bench their alleged franchise q.b. In the single most critical moment of the season? Is that what you’re saying?  Because if it is, I could see where you might say it: I’m not saying Trubisky wasn’t hurt: I’m saying I could see how you might question it given, he didn’t go into the blue medical tent. Wouldn’t he if he was hurt. Isn’t that why that tent is there.  Doesn’t it seem kind of odd to sub out your franchise quarterback without sending him into the blue tent to check out his injury?

And yes, on top of that, there seemed to be some confusion from Nagy over which hip was injured, because he appeared to be referencing a play in the second quarter when Trubisky landed on his left hip, not his right hip.

And there was Nagy saying: “I gotta find out more because I didn’t find out the details yet from him, the play that it happened.”

Also, if the guy was hurt, and they knew he was hurt. What the hell were they doing going with that option call on third and one in the third quarter?? It seemed weird at the time and is downright asinine if you have a quarterback with a known hip injury.

Look, I’m not saying the Bears are faking the hip injury. Or that the hip injury isn’t real. Nor am I saying that Trubisky still should’ve been out there. There was every reason to bench him. In fact, I’ve been pretty clear that it’s well past time to bench him. 

The weird thing isn’t that they benched him, it’s that they didn’t do it earlier.

Again, the Bears would have you believe this was all medical and not about his play. But the fact that he didn’t go into the tent and that he was just standing on the sideline apparently without trainers around him, sure makes it look like a benching.

And if it was a benching, it was a good call. And should’ve been done a long time ago.

But then to come out and say it’s a hip injury, when nobody watching thought it was a hip injury, makes it even worse. If it was a hip injury, why didn’t anyone see him get medical attention?

Now you’ve created a bigger story. Now you have people wondering if it really was a benching or not. Now you’re going to have a week of questions about the benching, errr, injury. And about the team. And about the team’s future. Because it wasn’t that long ago that they thought they were a Super Bowl team with a franchise quarterback and a brilliant head coach. And now all of that is up for debate.

And now Mitchell is going to need an even bigger universal remote to turn off all the TV’s in the team facility.

And now you have the question of what is the biggest issue with the Bears: the quarterback, the head coach, or the GM? And the answer right now is: yes.