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Monday Night Football

Peterson had five touches after that 90-yard run. Five touches.

December 04, 2018 - 10:39 am

Philadelphia beat Washington 28-13 last night to win their second straight and get back into the NFC East race. And it was an impressive performance by the Eagles. Carson Wentz was rolling and he had the connection to Golden Tate working. It’s only a two-game winning streak, but it sort of feels like the Eagles are getting back to being the Eagles. SORT OF…

As good as it was from Philly, it was just flat out weird from Washington. Jay Gruden’s crew was playing with Colt McCoy after Alex Smith broke his right leg.

And then he wasn't playing with Colt McCoy.

A nasty broken leg for Alex Smith and now a nasty broken leg for Colt McCoy. Which means that Washington turned to Mark Sanchez. Their backup’s backup. 

If you’re trying to win a division in December, the last thing you want to be doing is going with a guy who came in on a tryout a few days ago. 

But not all hope was lost. They still have Adrian Peterson and Adrian Peterson still has this

33 years old and he is torching everyone. That is so impressive. Running backs are supposed to be done at 30. And they sure as hell aren’t supposed to be breaking off ninety-yard runs at 33. I never saw that coming and I don’t think anyone else did.  

As LeGarrette Blount tweeted: @adrianpeterson you are unreal

Benjamin Watson tweeted: Left them '90s babies in the dust! But they say you too old AD. Too funny.

It was unreal and it is too funny. And it gave Washington a 10-7 lead and a glimmer of hope when they needed it most. 

When you have something like that happen as an offense, you have to get so fired up. You see that and you say, ground and pound. We’re going to just feed the beast, right? Especially when you have to go to your back-up’s back-up. 

But Washington didn’t do that. Adrian Peterson had five touches after that 90-yard run. I said yesterday, I’m not Rod Marinelli and I’ll say today, I’m no Sean McVay, but if I’m playing a quarterback who just walked in off the street and my running back just had a 90 yard run, I’m going to see if I can get him a run or two. 

But Washington didn’t. Peterson had five touches after that 90-yard run. Five touches. For the rest of the night.  

Peterson had 9 carries for 98 yards. Total. I’m not sure what’s more impressive: a 90-yard touchdown when you’re 33 or having a 90-yard touchdown and not getting over 100 yards for the game. 

Again, this is with your backup’s backup in the game. I know Philadelphia took the lead, so maybe you feel like you need to pass your way back into it. And I know Washington has been snakebitten with injuries this year, not just to their quarterbacks, but to their offensive line as well, especially after Jonathan Cooper went down with a torn biceps. 

So maybe you’re looking at Philly and they’re stacking the box and forcing Sanchez to throw, but Sanchez throwing wasn’t exactly working. He was 13 for 21 for 100 yards and a pick. He tried his best, but it was, as he said, “a tall task.” And it was made even taller by a coaching staff that had him throw 21 times. With the season on the line.  

I know Washington is banged up and that Gruden might feel like he’s running out of bodies. But those are the moments where the coaches need to pick up the players. Dig deep into your playbook, scheme something up so that you can get your running game going and you aren’t relying on a third string quarterback to save your season.

But Gruden didn’t do that and kept on chucking. And it kept on failing. I get it if he feels like he’s out of options, but do something. Or don’t. 

TRY TO LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE… The bad news is our season might be going down the drain, but at least you’re paying a quarter of a million bucks to a guy who you claimed after he was arrested for domestic violence for the second time this year.