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Mr. Big Check

Business is still Boomin.

March 11, 2019 - 9:33 am

Well it’s over. Antonio Brown is out of Pittsburgh. Antonio Brown is now a Raider. Pittsburgh sent Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders for a third round pick and a fifth round pick. And naturally, the question is: who won the trade? Pittsburgh or Oakland?

Answer: Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown won the trade. He did it... He did what almost no NFL player ever does – he won. And you damn sure better call him Mr. Big Chest after that. Because he talked a huge game and then he backed it up. THE MBC got over in a huge way…, because he got everything he wanted. 

He wanted out of Pittsburgh – he got that.

He wanted to get away from Ben Roethlisberger: he got that. 

He didn’t want to go to Buffalo – he got that. 

He wanted Oakland – he got that.

He wanted more jack; and  – he got that, too. He just got a new deal for 54 million, including 30 million guaranteed. According to reports, that’s up from zero dollars guaranteed over the next three years.

Good work if you can get it. And he got it. And everything else he wanted as well. MR. BIG CHEST JUST BECAME MR. BIG CHECK. He worked the Steelers and he worked the system; and best believe others in his position saw how he did it and undoubtedly will be running Mr. Big Chest’s playbook as well. 

Don’t get this twisted: the Oakland Raiders didn’t work the Pittsburgh Steelers. Antonio Brown worked the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Raiders were the lucky beneficiaries.

Antonio Brown executed this offseason strategy better than any pass route he’s ever run. Business really is boomin’. While just about everyone was going on about how this dude had just nuked his entire career, he was actually just setting it all up. 

That was a damn master class. All that stuff: the incident before Week 17, tweeting during Mike Tomlin’s press conference, the interview with James Harrison that never happened, the facetiming from an elliptical, the horrible self-gloss, and the even worse blonde mustache, it all worked. It was an absolute thing of genius.

Sure, at times it seemed embarrassing, weird, petty, immature, call it what you want – but you better call it successful. Because it worked.  

He’s going to a new team and one that he actually wanted to go to. He not only got all of this, but he got it in a spot that he wanted and was able to jam up a move somewhere else. What an incredible power move.  

And yes, I know he just power moved his way onto a team that went 4-12 last year. And I’ll get into the Raiders part of this in a second, and  I know he’s further away from a Super Bowl ring now. But this wasn’t about a ring. This was about money. And as the old saying goes, you can’t eat a Super Bowl ring. 

There have been plenty of Super Bowl rings that have been pawned by players who needed money. Getting yourself 30 mill guaranteed over the next three years, means you shouldn’t have to worry about pawning anything. 

This was about money. It was about getting paid and he just got paid. Great for Brown, not so great for the Steelers: he may have gotten everything he wanted, but the Steelers were left with a third round pick, a fifth round pick, and about 21 mill in dead space on your salary cap.

Think about that…Pittsburgh Steelers just traded Antonio Brown for a third round pick and a fifth round pick. 

That’s how bad it got. The Raiders traded a third round pick to Pittsburgh last year for Martavis Bryant. And all that Pittsburgh could get from Oakland this time was a third round pick and a fifth round pick. So the difference between Bryant and Brown at this point is a fifth round pick? Damn, that has to sting. 

And Steeler fan, if you’re bitter, you have every right to be. Just don’t tell me that you’re better off without him. Because you’re not. That’s wrong. Show me a team that claims to be better without a Hall of Fame receiver and I’ll show you a team and a fan base that’s lying to itself. 

I know JuJu Smith-Schuster is already a star, but you know what’s better than having one Pro Bowl wide receiver? Having two. 

And having an offense with JuJu and AB, and Le’Veon, and James Conner, and Ben Roethlisberger. That would’ve been incredible. But it’s not going to happen. Instead, the organization is looking at losing two Pro Bowl players this offseason and there is no way to spin that as an improvement.  Don’t tell me its addition by subtraction, because it’s not.

So yeah, Steeler fans, you’re probably pissed today and I get it, but you’ve got to tip your hat to Mr. Best Chest. Because he got over. Huge. He got his. It worked. And now the only question now is whether number 84 for the Raiders will get to put Big Chest on the back of his jersey. And you can go ahead and assume he will, because this dude has gotten everything else he wanted this offseason.