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Mr. Kyle Lauletta

The Giants really are an embarrassment at the facility and away from it.

October 31, 2018 - 11:32 am

One week ago, exactly seven days ago today, I sat here and asked the question if you were on the verge of getting a look at the starting job, one of just 32 on the planet, what do you do on a Monday night/Tuesday morning in Colorado? Study the playbook? Get in some extra reps? Watch film? 

Well, let me ask that question again, except take out Colorado and replace it with New Jersey. 

Because for former Broncos quarterback Chad Kelly, the answer was criminal trespass. For current New York Giants quarterback Kyle Lauletta, the answer is eluding police, obstructing justice, resisting arrest, and nearly running over a police officer. 

Lauletta was driving to the team facility yesterday morning when the incident occurred and I’ll let the Weehawken police department take it from here. Their statement reads:

“This morning at approximately 8:00 am Weehawken police arrested Mr. Kyle Lauletta for various motor vehicle and related disorderly person offenses. Mr. Lauletta was observed by officers operating his 2017 Jaguar in a dangerous manner in heavy traffic near the Pleasant Avenue approach to Route 495.

“Upon being directed by an officer to continue in his marked lane, Mr. Lauletta attempted to evade him, making an illegal turn and continuing towards Route 495, almost striking the officer. Mr. Lauletta was subsequently stopped by another officer and refused various instructions to produce his driving credentials and exit his vehicle.”

Let me jump in for a quick recap. We have him trying to turn his car illegally, being directed by a police officer to not do it, ignoring the police officer, making the turn anyway, and nearly running over the officer. Then getting stopped by another officer and refusing to turn over his license and registration and get out of his vehicle.

Back to the press release: “He was then arrested and charged with eluding police, a third-degree crime, obstructing administration of law, and resisting arrest, which are disorderly person offenses. Motor vehicle charges are for reckless driving, disregarding an officer’s directions, improper turn in marked traffic lane, and failure to remain in a marked lane.”

Well, that’s a completely moronic and idiotic thing to do on a Tuesday morning. But it can’t get worse, right? Wrong.

Back to the press release: “Upon further investigation, it was learned that a 2017 Jaguar registered to Mr. Lauletta was involved in a similar incident at the same location [Monday].”

In other words, that’s not a one- off. That’s a regular thing. He does it all the time. It’s just that on Tuesday, he dialed it up by nearly getting all vehicular homicide with it. 

I mean, that’s not quite the full Chad Kelly, but it’s close. Chad went with barging into a stranger’s house and sitting on their couch. Kyle went with ignoring a police officer and nearly running him over.

And this is the guy who is trying to say, toss me the keys to the franchise. Hell no. I wouldn’t toss him the keys to a busted up Honda Fit. 

There is never a good time to get charged with eluding police, obstruction of justice, and resisting arrest, oh, and also run over a police officer. But doing it when you’re on the verge of possibly getting some action as an NFL quarterback is the worst time. And shows horrible judgment. 

Kyle, what the hell are you doing? All you have to do is show up to practice, not be a dumbass, and you’ll get your shot this year. Just drive directly to facility without committing any traffic violations or trying to drag any cops with you. Was that really that hard. Especially, given. How crappy your team is, esp. at the q.b. position and that momentum was building to see what you could do…. and now you’ve shown everyone what you can do, and that’s be a menace to the cops, peds and the rest of society: If you can’t trust him to not run over a police officer and resist arrest, how can you trust him to lead an NFL team?

What the hell has happened to the New York Giants? They’ve always been one of the truly elite teams in all of professional sports. The gold standard for class and quality. Even when they don’t win, they have a plan, they have structure, they have it together.  They had class. And now they’re 1-7, they’re hideous on the field, and even worse off it. They really are an embarrassment at the facility and away from it.