The Mullet Remains

Big 12 Media Days are underway.

Jim Rome
July 16, 2019 - 9:50 am
Mike Gundy

USA Today


Big 12 Media Days are underway. And that meant that Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy took to the stage yesterday.

And he talked about the mood around the program coming off a 7-6 season. The Cowboys had 10 wins in each of the previous three seasons and four of the last five, so you know he wasn’t thrilled about last year. And he is pumped to get back to work.

“We all kind of sit around after March Madness and wait for college football in the state of Oklahoma. We're not far away. Our staff has been tremendous with the addition of a few new coaches. I'm excited about what they have brought to the table, the cohesiveness and chemistry we have with them and our recruiting office and the hard work they have put in over the last three or four months. I'm more excited and looking forward to a season than I ever have been before in a long, long time.”

He talked about how he expects the defense to be improved this season in the second year under defensive coordinator Jim Knowles. He talked about the focus on playing more disciplined football.

He talked about the quarterback situation and the battle between Spencer Sanders and Dru Brown. And the fact that nobody has won that battle yet and there’s the chance that he might play both.

And most importantly, he talked about the Mullet. The Kentucky Waterfall. The Tennessee Top Hat. The Soccer Rocker.

Mullet Watch 2019 was in full effect yesterday. Because you know that’s really the biggest story not just for Mike Gundy at Media Days but for all of college football during Media Days season.

Is the mullet still there or did he take it down in the offseason?

And the great news is…the mullet lives. The mullet doesn’t just live, it thrives. There has never been more business in that front or a bigger party in the back.

It is breathtaking. If I’m being honest, it looks more powerful and more majestic than ever.

If you think that hockey hair looks great on the sideline, blowing in the Stillwater breeze, you haven’t seen the Missouri Compromise unfurled against a pin striped suit. That is class and power, personified.

If you aren’t near a TV with CBS Sports Network right now, you better get there. I don’t care what you’re doing. If you’re at work, go to the break room. Or a conference room. Or the bathroom and fire up your phone.

If you’re driving, pull off the road and find someone with a television. Because you need to be watching CBS Sports Network right now.

Because Mike Gundy is now about to talk about his mullet.

First off, let me answer that question with a question – the hell is YOUR problem??

That question “how much longer will you have the mullet” implies that there is a lifespan to the mullet.

It insinuates that there will be a time where he doesn’t have the Camero Cut and that, bruh, is not an insinuation you should be making. Because that is not a world I want to be living in.

Do not, for one second, suggest that there will be a day where that beaver paddle doesn’t cover the back of his neck.

Damn… America. I didn’t know how close we came to a complete a total disaster.

Can you imagine if that barbershop had been open on Sunday and he’d actually taken that thing down? The thought of him without a neck warmer makes me want to puke.

And if someone ever tells him that perfect look makes him look old, they’re a damn liar. And a fool. Not only does that mullet make him look young, it makes him look awesome.

Mike Gundy is someone who has given so much.

There’s the legendary rant that had so much in it, that some real gems get forgotten.

There’s his rant about twitter last year that had him leaning against the podium with one elbow dropping sounds.

But I’m going to say that as great as those press conference moments were, nothing has been a greater gift to the world than Mike Gundy’s hair.

I’m not one for making predictions, but hear this now and understand it later: Mike Gundy will get Oklahoma State back to where they belong. The offensive line will be opening up holes and the defense will be getting after the quarterback. As long as he has that Canadian Passport rocking, they will be business up front and partying in the backfield.

Long live the Mullet…you know I’m on record as saying, saying something sucks is not a take: but if you have a problem with Mike Gundy’s mullet: YOU SUCK.