Nate Diaz Weighs In On Dana's News

Know the real GOAT when you see him.

Jim Rome
June 10, 2020 - 11:20 am
Nate Diaz

USA Today


Dana White didn’t just announce the launch of Fight Island yesterday, he also announced UFC 252 will take place on August 15th in Las Vegas and it will feature Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier III. The third part of the trilogy will take place, with Stipe’s heavyweight belt on the line in what will most likely be Cormier’s final fight, win or lose.

As Cormier told Ariel Helwani, he’s not fighting beyond this.

Just from that clip alone, you can tell Cormier is looking forward to the fight and to life after it. If you were looking for bitterness and anger, you better look someplace else. DC is one of the best fighters ever, and probably the best human ever. If he’s not the goat inside the cage, he definitely is outside of it. And if he beats Stipe, he has a pretty good argument for being the best heavyweight ever.

That’s not say this a bitter free zone: because it’s not. Thankfully. Want to see some hate, look no further than Usman v. Burns. Well, actually do look a little further. To the guy who’s not in that fight: Nathan Diaz. The pride of Stockton took one look at the guys fighting for the welterweight belt and he jumped on Twitter.

And as a reminder, when Nate Diaz gets on Twitter, there’s a good chance that greatness is about to take place. If you’ll recall, back in October, after he failed a PED test, he posted “You’re all on steroids, not me” and he was right. Because he didn’t fail that test and he was pissed about it. That’s the thing about my man, Nate. He almost always is right. You have a problem with Nate, you have a problem with yourself. You have a problem with Nate, I can almost guarantee you’re on steroids. Anyway, Nate reached for his phone. And this time, he posted a pic of Usman and Burns with the caption: This is what’s wrong with people claiming they’re fighters. Settling for less cause they know they’re not worth bleep. You should’ve fought the next guy in line, not the guy who would take less cause he’s told too. That’s why no one will remember you guys. This isn’t a title fight.

And then chased that with “I get paid more than both of you together” with the smiling face wearing sunglasses and then, on a new line, and in all caps for emphasis: BLEEP REEBOK.

My man. That is why there is one Nate Diaz and one only. He is an original. There will never be another fighter like him. As he’s said in the past, “If we were cavemen, I’d be the hardest caveman out there.”

That is the damn truth. But there was no way that Usman and Burns were going to take that without responding.

Usman went all analytical with his response and I quote: Let’s state some facts here:

“Your Bum Ass”
•L’s in last (5 of 9) in 8year span
•12 L’s Total
•1-1 in last 4 years
•Refused to fight Woodley when offered title shot.

Referring to a fighter as “your bum ass” will never not be funny. That is always hilarious. And I bet Nate isn’t too bothered by that. Then Usman broke down Jorge Masvidal who beat Diaz in Nate’s last fight:

“Said Guy”
•13 L’s Total
•L to Damian Maia, who was KO’d by Burns In rd 1.
•embarrassed ur Bum Ass

And Usman still wasn’t done. He came with another tweet:


•6 Fight win streak in less than 2 year span.
•KO over Maia who defeated “said guy”
•(50-44) domination over #1 WW Woodley who you turned down for a title fight.
 •Burns Is a true martial artist and not all talk. 

And one more to complete the trilogy: Bottom line, if you got double digit L’s shut TF up and sit yo Bum Ass TF down. Oh and once again don’t forget to buy the PPV

That was a strong flurry of tweets from Usman. But again, that’s not going to shake Nate. You have to come with something a lot stronger than a few carefully crafted tweets in order to get to my man Nate.

You think Nate Diaz is going to back down from that. This is the same Nate Diaz who tweeted the following about Conor McGregor a few weeks back:

Smoked the #1 p4p and double champ

Know the real GOAT when you see him

And don’t forget I did it better and quicker than anyone else on the ground and sent him down with punches quicker than Mayweather did so BLEEP alll y’all rankings and know a real goat when you see me

And when Jon Jones tried to weigh in, Diaz shut him down with a simple: No ones gonna remember your fights with a bloody syringe emoji.

So there is no way in hell that Nate sees Usman going all Bill James stats guy in breaking down the records of Diaz, Masvidal, and Burns, and says, yeah, good point.

Hell, this is a guy who knows that there is a belt on the line and he’s still saying it’s not a title fight. So he’s not backing down. You can throw all the numbers and all the logic at Nate and he won’t quit.

No chance. Not at all. You can run whatever you want at Nate Diaz and he’s never going to blink. It takes a completely different breed of cat to step into the octagon. And in a sport, in an occupation, where you literally risk your life every time you punch the clock, my man Nate is still a breed apart. No one like him. And if he doesn’t respond to Usman’s tweets, it doesn’t mean he got roasted or shut down; it just means he’s moved on to something else. 

And he'll come back shortly to remind everyone, as he did last month, that he’s Pound for pound the baddest motherbleeper here bleep all y’all, followed by a fist emoji, the middle finger emoji, and a fist emoji.

Oh, and he still makes more money than you. We need Nate more than Nate needs us. And he knows it. And now, you do too.