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Nate Pete Gonna Nate Pete

79 career passes. 9 career ints.

October 15, 2018 - 10:54 am

Bills Mafia, it gives me no pleasure to do this to you. In fact, I HATE it. And HATE myself for having to do it. But Nate Peterman is back, baby! And Buffalo's original QB1 went absolutely legend yesterday in H-Town. The Nate Pete performance to end all Nate Pete performances. 

It takes a special quarterback to come into a huge game and steer a team to victory. And that's what Nate Pete did. For the Texans. 

If you measure a quarterback's abilities by the impact he has on a football game, then Nathan Peterman is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Hell, skip the ballot and just throw a gold jacket at this guy right now. Because what this dude has done in just six games is absolutely electric.

79 career passes. 9 career ints. A quarterback rating of just 29. And yesterday, with the Bills defense battling it's ass off and Josh Allen out of the game with an elbow injury, Pete got the call. And he freaking answered it. 

Because after throwing career touchdown pass number 3 by spinning a dime to Zay Jones in the corner of the end zone, Nate Pete had the ball with a minute and 34 seconds left, in a tie game, with a chance to be a hero. And four seconds later, my man achieved his goal. 

The most predictable House Call Ever. There's Nate Pete staring down Kelvin Benjamin. And there's Jonathan Joseph jumping the route -- not exactly scared off by Kalzone's deep speed. That throw was so bad that TWO DUDES almost jumped the route. The Honey Badger was lasered in on that thing from centerfield and he nearly got there in time to get it if Joseph wasn't camped out waiting for it before high-stepping into the end zone. So not only another pick six. But the game winning pick six. My man went absolute LEGEND again. He does every time he lines up under center. Just not for you, Bills Mafia. 

Again, Bills Mafia. Doing this doesn't make me happy. Especially after I watched your defense battle its ass off -- 7 sacks, 14 tackles for loss. Lorenzo Alexander having a freaking ballgame, Jordan Poyer waiving to his ladies in the crowd after a huge interception. But it's pretty damn tough to talk about how good the D is playing when you've got Nate Pete out there burning it to the ground, chasing that Pick Six with another freebie to finally finish the Bills. 

That's two interceptions in under a minute. And if staring a hole through a receiver while an entire secondary jumps the route wasn't enough, then rolling right and throwing back across your body to the middle of the field might have been. 

But according to Sean McDermott, it might not be. Because even after THAT performance, McDermott wasn't willing to jump off the Nate Pete train, even after the Bills signed Derek Anderson last week. 

“We’ll see. Derek, as you know, just came this week. We’re going to look at the film and see where we are and also see where Josh is and go from there.”

Sean McDermott is a solid coach. But if Nathan Peterman has a job at the end of the week it's time to start wondering what this dude has on his coach. I, mean understand, not saying who the starter is so your next opponent has to prepare for two guys: but trust me the Colts will be preparing for Anderson, because they know Peterman requires no preparation at all. I’d be shocked if any Colts coach or player spends a single second this week breaking any of Nate Pete’s tape. 

Two picks in a 44-point loss in Week 1 should've been Nate Pete's ride off into the sunset. And two more in 60 seconds is so peak Nate Pete that there's no place else for him to go -- Other than grad school. 

But again, I’m not here to bury a guy. I’m here to keep it positive; and the one positive thing I can say about Nathan Peterman, is that in the very least, we'll always have this absolutely FIRE Hype video.