NBA Bubble Life

The content is fantastic.

Jim Rome
July 22, 2020 - 10:06 am
Meyers Leonard

USA Today


It’s Wednesday, but I’m going Throwback Thursday by giving you a Follow Friday in the middle of the week. And that follow is @NBA Bubble Life.

Do yourself a favor and follow that account. Like the bio says, they’re “bringing the bubble to your timeline.” And the content is fantastic.

A little background and giving credit where it’s due, the account is run by Nick Depaula, Wells Phillips, Drew Ruiz, and Travonne Edwards. And they started it as a passion project where they would share content from players who are inside the bubble, just giving a glimpse of what life is like in Orlando.

You get videos of the NBA Bubble Barbershop, guys holding up fish after they’ve been on the water, and Darius Bazley’s attempt at making oatmeal.

Bubble life also includes Hassan Whiteside singing Rick Springfield a Capella.

Holy crap. I haven’t heard an NBA big man belting out a tune like that since Dirk.

It’s content like Hassan singing that took @nbabubblelife from an idea to reality in less than an hour and to over 115,000 followers in less than two weeks.

And in part, that’s how we ended up with JJ Redick in an ice bath in an inflatable pool chugging a beer.

That video came about because @nbabubblelife asked Reddick how many retweets it would take to get a video of him shotgunning a bud light. Reddick said 10,000, which seemed like an outrageous number at the time. Until it happened in mere hours.

That inspired Meyers Leonard to jump in with a 12 ounce Coors Light and a video for NBA Bubble Life.

A couple of things – one: Meyers Leonard is awesome. Loved talking to him earlier this year and that video is absurd. It is a reminder that he is seven feet tall because in his meat hooks, that 12 ounce can looks like a thimble.

And he destroyed it in seconds and then proclaimed himself “King of the Bubble. Accepting all challlengers.”

And that led to Jordan Clarkson and what appeared to be Royce O’Neal doing a response video. And really, it was just Clarkson because my guy in the background brought a b-b gun to a shotgun fight.

There’s no way that Jordan Clarkson was going to call out Meyers Leonard for drinking from a “baby can” and Meyers Leonard wasn’t going to respond. The Hammer was going to come out swinging. And sure enough, he was back with another video.

As he said over the weekend, "Someone asks you 'What's your hidden talent?' I got to say mine would be chugging beer. People just can't touch me, brother. It's not close. It just isn't. Shotguns, chugs, it doesn't matter. Get em out of here. It's too easy" It is too easy. The Hammer is crushing everyone.

He could make a keg look like a 16 ounce can. That's how good he is. 

But here’s the thing about life in the bubble. It’s not all fishing and haircuts and beer chugging contests. Guys are also missing life outside the bubble.

On the account, you’ll see CJ McCollum posting about missing his dog. And Leonard has talked about the fact that he misses his wife: “it’s a weird feeling.” He’ll be apart from her on their anniversary for the first time: "It's like a piece of you is missing."

Alex Caruso said that he’s going to miss his sister’s wedding. Patrick Beverley had to leave the bubble to tend to a family emergency. Guys are having to make decisions all the time about balancing life inside the bubble and life outside it.

So while it may seem awesome to be staying at a resort for months and doing all the fishing and golfing you want, and the content coming out of there is great, just also know that guys are giving up a lot to be there. And in some cases being there means that you have to hear Hassan Whiteside singing 80s classics.