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The NBA Is Fantastic

Game 2 of the Pelicans-Warriors was supposed to be about one thing: the return of Steph Curry.

May 02, 2018 - 11:00 am

Game 2 of the Pelicans-Warriors was supposed to be about one thing: the return of Steph Curry. And damn, was it ever. Did you get a load of the reaction when he checked into the game with 4:20 left in the first quarter.

First game back in more than a month and he’s probably going to have to knock off a little rust. You know, find his shot, feel out the game, get into a rhythm with his teammates…

That, or do what you always do, step on the floor and drain a three. Well, that’s ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as busting out the MJ switch hands layup. 

28 points in 27 minutes. 8 of 15 shooting, including 5 of 10 from deep. And it looked like he hadn’t missed a beat, let alone missing a month and a full round of the playoffs. If Curry rolls off the injury list and into the game like that, that’s scary. That’s really scary. 

But don’t get it twisted. That wasn’t a cakewalk. New Orleans was leading when Curry came in and it would’ve been easy for them to collapse when he hit that three and the building exploded. But they didn’t. These Pelicans are tough. They’re well coached and they don’t back down. 

Like when Rajon Rondo tried to get in Draymond Green’s head in the most disgusting way possible. Green is at the foul line, he’s just made his first free throw. Rondo grabs the ball before the ref reaches it and rubs the ball all over his sweaty forehead and face. It’s gross. It’s disgusting. It’s petty. And I love it. 

And that’s after he tried to high five Green in Game 1 after Green missed a free throw. But that wasn’t the first time Rondo tried to get in Draymond’s head last night. In fact, he got in his face at the end of the first half.

A showdown that got Charles Barkley all hot and bothered back at the TNT studio

Let me read that quote back to you: "I just want somebody to punch him in the face.” 

But you know Chuck. Maybe he was just goofing around as they were coming back to the studio. There’s no way he really meant that, right? Well, check the follow up quote 

"I want to punch him in the face so bad. I'm just telling you. I want to punch his ass in the face. I do."

People! People! It’s the second round. It’s early May and we’ve already got Drake and Perk getting into it and now the Chuckster is threatening to punch Draymond in the face. What is going on?

But it’ll probably end there, right. No need to go any further. Wrong. Because Draymond was asked about it after the game and Draymond responded as you would expect Draymond to respond.

Well, that doesn’t sound like it’s over. In fact, that’s the closest thing to an invitation to punch someone in the face as I’ve ever heard. And Draymond didn’t just stop there. He essentially compared Charles to a twitter tough guy and called him old. 

“Punch me in the face when you see me, or if not no one cares what you would have done.” 

That might be one of the greatest quotes ever. And if that isn’t, than this is: “You old and it is what is. So if you ain’t going to punch me when you see me, then stop talking about it. Period.”

Incredible. Fantastic. Glorious. Keep it coming. 

Think about this whole situation for a moment. Steph Curry returns to the Warriors last night. They take a 2-0 series lead over the Pelicans. It looks like Basketball Voltron is being re-united and Golden State could be starting a run toward their third title in four years. And we’re talking about Draymond and Charles punching each other in the face. And I’m not complaining one bit. Not one bit. Because this is awesome. And this is why the NBA playoffs are the best.

I know the NHL playoffs are a grind and the toughest postseason in sports. But you do not have guys trolling each other with throwback jerseys, or platinum-selling artists beefing with players, or former players threatening to punch current players in the face on a nightly basis. NBA action, it’s fannnnn-tastic!