NBA Trade Deadline Player Reaction

Drummond was bent. Kanter was happy.

Jim Rome
February 07, 2020 - 10:36 am
Andre Drummond

USA Today


The NBA trade deadline came and went yesterday at 3pm eastern. And a handful of dudes cleaned out their lockers and hired real estate agents. It’s part of the business. On paper, we get to sit here and analyze the transactions. In reality, a bunch of guys have a logistical nightmare to navigate right in the middle of the season. 

Andre Drummond is one of those dudes who moved yesterday and let’s just say he didn’t fold up the tent in Detroit quietly. You know that whole rap about it not being personal and it just being business?  Drummond is calling bullcrap on all that, tweeting:

, “If there’s one thing I learned about the NBA, there’s no friends or loyalty. I’ve given my heart and soul to the Pistons and to have this happen with no heads up makes me realize even more that this just a business!”

And after that he chased it with a photo of him holding his son and wrote, “Remember son, trust no one.”  That’s a hellluva message to pass down to your child: trust NO ONE.  Dude.  You got traded.  It happens.  To almost everyone.  To players much better you.  It’s business.  People get fired.  People get traded. 

Now, in his defense, Clearly Andre wanted to stay in the D. And it was very personal to him. But it does set up an interesting argument. I want to be very clear about this. I don’t have a dog in this fight: I actually have both dogs in this fight.  It’s very convenient, and very lazy to smash both the City’s of Detroit and Cleveland, usually done by dopes who have been to neither: I have been to both: I have had great experiences with tour stops in Detroit and in Cleveland.  So I’m not participating in this crap: but the fact that Drummond is so pissed about being shipping out of Detroit to Cleveland only adds to the discussion about which city is worse: again, I’m not here to moderate that discussion, because I love both towns: yeah I said it: and I mean it. But many of you are having the best time ever killin both. 

And there seems to be some punchline about a guy who’d rather stay in Detroit than get shipped to C-Town. 

On the one hand you have Jo-Noah’s classic line about Cleveland.

The most famous Cleveland clapback to that Jo-Noah blast comes from the final line of a Cleveland parody song viewed over 13 million times on YouTube. 

So you know there’s a rivalry when the people of Cleveland are literally singing, “It could be worse though at least we’re not Detroit.” 

Again, this isn’t about the cities or their reputations. This is about a two-time all-star, drafted by the Pistons, who has a family in Detroit and clearly wanted to be on that team for the foreseeable future. And he was on the business end of a deal that felt very personal to him. And he let everyone know about.

On the polar opposite flip side of the spectrum—you’ve got the guys who thought they might be on the move—who found out they were staying yesterday. Enter Boston Celtics big man, Enes Kanter. This dude is playing on his fifth team since 2011. No one knows the business like Kanter—

When Kanter got to the Celtics this year the first thing he did was troll Kyrie Irving—making fun of Irving for saying no one would wear number 11 for the Celtics again after he was done playing there. That aged well. Because after Kyrie was bounced, Kanter put on number 11, made fun of Kyrie’s comments, and then told fans not burn Kyrie’s jersey because he’s against wastefulness. And he told Celtics honks to just duct tape over Kyrie’s name and write Kanter on the back instead. 

This dude is a treasure. And yesterday he filmed himself watching a digital clock tick down the final five seconds till 3pm eastern when the deadline passed. And after he made it safely to the other side without getting traded, he ran out to the practice court and did snow angels on the logo.

Clearly that guy wants to be there. And they should retire his number 11 solely based on that reaction.

Also, Kanter was a Knick last season. So this dude went through some trauma. And I’m not totally sure he wasn’t just losing his mind yesterday knowing he wasn’t going back to Jimmy D’s squad. Whatever the reason—Kanter is stoked. And Andre Drummond is not.

It’s a business, yes. And depending on who you were yesterday—it can be an awesome business—or a terrible one. Speaking of which—pour one out for Maurice Harkless—who just went from the 15-loss Clippers to the 16-win Knicks.