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New England's Latest Parade

That's Six titles for the Patriots. That's 12 parades in 17 years.

February 06, 2019 - 10:59 am

When you're the City of Boston and you celebrate World Championships almost as often as Bank Holidays, the question isn't if you still hold a parade after a championship. But if people will keep turning out. 

That's Six titles for the Patriots. That's 12 parades in 17 years. 

And if you wanted to know how good the City of Boston has it when it comes to professional sports, CHAMPIONSHIP OVERLOAD was an actual, legitimate concern. 

Could Pats fans still get up for a good party? Could Boston still roll out and celebrate another Lombardi, just 100 days after celebrating the last Red Sox world championship? 

I mean, do people have vacation days left at this point? Did they stockpile enough PTO to enjoy the Red Sox winning another Fall Classic and then the Pats running through the NFL just a couple of months later. Especially knowing that the Bruins and the Celtics are still in the mix in their respective sports and that pitchers and catchers report next week?

Was Boston actually getting tired of roping off city blocks and shutting down one of America's largest economies to do something that happens about as often as you're supposed to turn to the left and cough. 

Well, we got the answer yesterday: 


The Boston Globe estimated that 1.5 MILLION PEOPLE showed up for the Patriots parade. A MILLION AND A HALF. Less than 700,000 people live inside the City Limits. The entire Boston Metropolitan area only has 4.5 million Chowds crammed in. That means one-third of them were at Parade Number 12, which was essentially the Greatest Hits of Boston Parades. 

Look, I'm not gonna go out and say this was as good as the Eagles parade last year, where Jason Kelce got Mummer'd up and people were smashing Horse Crap and Philly was blowing off some major steam. But this was an absolute all-star effort by a city that doesn't sound close to done. 

Gronk did what Gronk does. Dude had his shirt ripped off. He high-pointed beers chucked at him. He played Air Guitar. He got handsy with his Swimsuit model girlfriend. And he even shook off taking a FOOTBALL to the head

TB12 didn't just have something for the haters, his daughter was bringing the heat. She had a GOAT IS GREATER THAN RAM sign. Tom even made up for that drop in Super Bowl 52, going OBJ with a one-handed snag of a pass from a fan in the mayhem

Hell, even the Boston PD got in on the act, tying the Rams at 3 with a perfect snap, hold, and Field Goal in the middle of the parade route.  

And while Bob Kraft didn't start any BILL THE GOAT chants, but he did ICE UP. Dude was swagged out in a chain he got from MEEK MILL.

And if you wanted to know if the Patriots forgot all that offseason talk about how they never have any fun, Duron Harmon and about 10 other Pats swerved halfway across the Mass Turnpike to take a run at Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson:

About the only dudes not having the time of their life were those idiots giving each other the hands. Yes, I saw that video of those morons brawling with each other with about a hundred people with smart phones capturing the blow by blow

Every city has a group of morons who do their best to ruin a good time. And yesterday was no different. But for that dude who went Adam Vinatieri on some guys dome and then tried to throw his hood up and walk away like nothing happened, expect a knock at your door sometime this afternoon. 

You know where I stand on the Patriots. They'll be done when Tom and Bill say they're done. And now you know where I stand on the City of Boston. They'll be tired of winning when their teams stop winning. 

Because yesterday, the two most popular chants going were "WE WANT SEVEN!" and "RIGHT HERE, NEXT YEAR."  And let's be real, they might not even have to wait that long.