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NFL Trade Deadline

It isn't a thing. At least, it was never a thing until now.

October 31, 2018 - 10:46 am

Yesterday was the NFL Trade Deadline. And if that kind of snuck up on you, it's probably because the NFL Trade Deadline isn't a thing. At least, it was never a thing until now. And it was always a missed opportunity for the Shield. We’re talking about a league that manages to dominate the sports calendar 12 months a year, a league that has made a national holiday out of 300-pound dudes slamming into some Spandex and running between orange cones. How do you not add a trade deadline to your portfolio? Well, they finally figured it out by moving the deadline back a couple of weeks; and teams finally realized the value of compensatory picks they weren’t going to re-sign, and then all hell broke loose. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the deals: Houston sent a fourth round pick and a seventh round pick to Denver for Demaryius Thomas and a seventh rounder.  No, he’s not the player he once was but he’ll be rejuvenated playing with Deshaun Watson and for a team that is actually playing for something. And a good pickup for the Texans who needed someone to play opposite of DeAndre Hopkins after Will Fuller went down. And Denver benefits as they clearly wanted to get DT’s salary off the books. 

Detroit traded Golden Tate to Philadelphia for a third round pick. Tate took to Twitter to announce: ‘It's been real DETROIT! I'll love ya forever. Philly Philly let's get it!!’

And Carson Wentz shouted back: ‘Let's roll my man! Excited to compete with ya! #flyeaglesfly.’

Adding a veteran physical receiver as the Eagles start to put it together is a good move.  But he doesn’t come cheaply. They didn’t stupidly pay for him the way the Cowboys did with that first rounder for Amari Cooper but Philly did give up a third for Tate; so in order for that move to pay off, they need to re-sign him in the offseason. That, or just repeat. Then the move works whether they re-sign him or not. 

And back to Dallas for a minute. Jerruh traded a first round pick for Amari Cooper? What the hell? I know he’s younger than Tate and does some different things than Tate, but in terms of pure production, there is absolutely no comparison. Tate is on pace for another 1,000 yard season, his fourth in five years. Cooper is on pace for a 600 yard season. Maybe. Talk about a shake down. Jon Gruden can’t do anything right, but he absolutely Jerry Jones in that deal. 

Meanwhile, Green Bay traded Ty Montgomery to the Baltimore Ravens for a seventh round pick. And let me say this, I’m a big Ty Montgomery fan. Have always liked him.  And I still like him even after that melt down against the Rams Sunday. But make no mistake, they didn’t trade him; they fired him. He had to start over anew someplace else because there was no way the Packers were keeping him after he fumbled any chance for Aaron Rodgers to bring Green Bay back against the Rams. Putting it on the ground is one thing. But doing it after you were reportedly told to take a knee is another. And still another if you went rogue and did it because you were unhappy with the way you were being used earlier in the game. Montgomery denies that so we don’t really know what his motivation was in bringing it out. But I know this: he couldn’t have stayed in Green Bay after he did it and Baltimore is getting a nice player for next to nothing. So I know why Green Bay moved him and while Baltimore picked him up. What’s not as clear to me is why Green Bay sent Ha Ha Clinton Dix to Washington for a fourth rounder.

Really nice move for the Skins. He’s a good fit there instantly gives Washington one of the best safety combos in the league. And while everyone in the NFC East is trying to improve their offense, Washington is looking to improve on defense. And looking to win that division. 

But what exactly are the Packers doing? They’ve got youth and talent in the secondary, but now they’re 3-3-1 and about to go to Foxborough without their best safety? That doesn’t’ make a helluva lot sense. 

They must clearly have a ton of confidence in that young secondary and believe that those guys will step up, because from the outside it kind of feels like they might be giving up on this season. And if they’re doing that, they shouldn’t. Because you can’t be giving up on any seasons when you’ve got Aaron Rodgers in his prime. 

And it wasn’t all trades. The Buffalo Bills signed wide receiver Terrelle Pryor who is now a better quarterback than anyone they have at quarterback. I am looking at you, Nathan Michael Peterman. 

I don’t want to kick NMP when he’s down, or pile on. But a wide receiver walking into the facility in the middle of the week, having never looked at a Bills playbook is still a better option at quarterback than Nathan Peterman. I’m not even trying to clown or mock the guy or talk bleep. That’s not lava. That’s real. That’s just a fact. Look at their career quarterback ratings. That tells you everything you need to know. Peterman seems like a good guy, he’s just not a good quarterback.

And if the Bills are smart, they’ll put Pryor under center on Sunday against the Bears. Because if Khalil Mack is healthy, putting NMP out there is just unfair to the Bills players, Bills fans, and Nathan himself.