NFL Week 11

What a Sunday.

Jim Rome
November 18, 2019 - 9:35 am
DeAndre Hopkins

USA Today


There are a lot of different places I can start after all that Sunday action. We could talk pass interference. We could talk Dak. We could talk comebacks. But when you have a chance to start off the week with one of the nastiest offensive linemen in the league lining up a fullback, getting a carry, and breaking out a kegstand celebration, you do that.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Quenton Nelson and I give you one of the greatest moments in NFL history. if not the history of sports:

Is it me? Or did the Colts just execute a keg stand after that T.D? And not just any kegstand, but a keg stand involving a 6-5 330 pound monster in Quenton Nelson. Did that really happen? Because if it did, that’s just too good to be true. And, of course, when something seems too good to be true, it generally, and you put that right there at the top of the list.  Because that touchdown was overturned on review.  And I can’t lie, that upset the hell out of me. But not as much as it upset Nelson’s QB, Jacoby Brissett, who said:

“Man, I almost cried because that celebration was pretty cool. I hope that still can be nominated as one of the best celebrations because I don't know how they picked him up."

I don’t know how they picked him up either. In fact, I don’t know how any of that happened, the laws of physics were turned upside down with that celebration. But I do know this – you can take away the touchdown, but you cannot take away that celebration.  Nelson has worked his entire life for that moment; how the hell do you rip that from him.  Never mind Nelson: I’VE worked MY entire life for that moment. How you going to rip that from ME???

And as long as we’re talking about replay review, might as well get this one out of the way. Texans-Ravens, first quarter of a zero-zero game, the Texans go for it on 4th and 2. And Ravens DB Marlon Humphrey goes for it on DeAndre Hopkins.


And you knew exactly how it would play out before it actually played out. Houston would challenge the no-call for pass interference, which is what they should do if the PI review is actually a thing, and then New York would say there’s no PI, which is what they’ve almost always said even though the PI review is actually a thing.

Plays like that and reviews like that make an absolute mockery of the game. It’s inexplicable. It’s infuriating. And it’s embarrassing. And as Hopkins tweeted after the game: “As a leader in the NFL, we need someone new in New York deciding calls.

I could spend all day talking about PI calls that were and weren’t made, but I won’t, because there are other embarrassments and disgraces to talk about. Just know this that was P.I. and it should have been called and the fact that it wasn’t is embarrassing, regardless of the final score. I’m not saying the Texans would have won that game if the officials and the replay crew DIDN’T butcher that, but it was egregious and further evidence that instead of improving the situation, the PI review rule has made it so much worse. But again, I don’t want to get hung up on that, when there are some other things I need to get to. 

Like Washington, who lost again? Actually, they didn’t just lose again, they got hammered by the Jets, 34-17 at home. I didn’t think there was a college team the Jets could beat 34-17, much less an NFL team. Then again, calling the Redskins an NFL team is pretty generous; I grant you that. I mean, one thing to lose, it’s another thing to get doubled up by the Jets. THE JETS. They gave up 34 points to the worst offense in the league. At least attendance keeps falling and there was nobody there to see it. The few fans who were there were chanting “sell the team” at Dan Snyder. 

But there is good news, the team finally broke its streak of 16 quarters without a touchdown, so that’s awesome.

Then again, Washington being garbage isn’t exactly news. And it’s not news that Colin Kaepernick proved that he can play in the NFL and the fact that he isn’t in the league is a joke and has nothing to do with football. Not that there was ever any doubt about any of that.

Or the fact that Dak Prescott’s salary demands should probably go up again after throwing for 444 yards and three touchdowns yesterday. Or the fact that the Patriots are still misfiring offensively,  their offensive line was shaky, they weren’t great in the red zone; had to resort to trickery, and yet despite all that, still found a way to beat the Eagles 17-10.

It’s not news that Lamar Jackson was terrorizing teams again, but he and the Ravens get their own take. Same with Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears, but for very different reasons.

But there are two more topics to touch on in the rundown – the 49ers and the Vikings. And here’s a test – can you talk about either one f those two comebacks without talking about the most obvious thing from both games?

In the case of the 49ers, they came back from down 16-0 in the second quarter and down 26-23 with less than a minute to go to win 36-26. It’s a gutting loss for Arizona and a damn impressive win for the 49ers, especially when you consider they were missing George Kittle and Matt Breida, and that Jimmy G still threw for more than 400 yards and all four of his touchdowns went to undrafted players.

Including the game-winner with 31 seconds left.

That was the game-winner and here comes the heartbreaker, for some folks.


That made it 36-26 and yes, the line for the game was San Francisco by 10 in some spots and 9 ½ in others. Used to be, I’m jump in here and say, And no, nobody is interested in how bad that beat was for you or how great it was. Seriously.

You might as well be telling people about your fantasy team or the dream you had last night. Nobody gives a damn, so don’t bring that around here. We’d rather hear about your pets or what you had for dinner. Or who you have in your March Madness bracket for 2020. Or who you had in your March Madness bracket for 2018. Back in the day, you know like, maybe a year ago, I would have said that. But I’m not right now. Because the fact that, that was an unbelievable end to a game that anyone who didn’t get down, would have assumed was already over. But that was either the worst beat ever and or the best cover; and Vegas got its clock cleaned over it. So hell yes, I’ll acknowledge it. I mean even take a phone call or two on it. Because that was wild. And if you were anywhere near twitter when it happened, you could practically HEAR the screams and groans that were belted out when it happened. 

And then there are the Minnesota Vikings. They made San Francisco’s comeback look like child’s play, because they were down 20-0 at halftime to Denver. They weren’t just losing, they looked like they’d started their bye a few hours early. They were making the Broncos look good.

And then they came out in the second half, and Kirk Cousins was on fire. And before I start rolling the highlights, here is the ultimate test: can you talk about this game without referencing a certain clip from Kirk Cousins from a few years ago? Is it even possible? Given what Cousins did in the second half yesterday, I’m not sure it is.

He was impressive as hell from Minnesota. From down 20-0 to winning 27-23. And I don’t care who they came back on.  As bad as they were when they fell behind, they were that good when they came back. And that is just another dagger for Denver. To quote former Broncos receiver, Emmanuel Sanders, they are still “living in a world of suck.”

And speaking of a world of suck, I’m about to get to Mitchell Trubisky and the Chicago Bears. But again, when your world suck as much as Mitch and the Bears does, you DO get your own take. And they will. Because they really are living in a world of suck.