NFL Week 14

KC is very Golden State back in the day like.

Jim Rome
December 14, 2020 - 9:04 am
Patrick Mahomes

USA Today


I’m starting off the Week 14 recap with a fact and a warning. The fact: Patrick Mahomes is very good at the sport of football. He is really, really good at it.

And here’s the warning: I’ve never been more convinced that Kansas City is going to repeat as champs than I am right now. And it’s not because of how well they played against Miami yesterday. Because they certainly weren’t perfect.

In fact, for the first 20 minutes, they weren’t good. They were flat out bad. And Mahomes was a big reason. He had two picks and two sacks, including this on 3rd and 12 on their first possession.

That’s a 30-yard sack. That is some New York Jets bleep right there, not defending champs bleep. So for the first 20 minutes, they were bad. Really freaking bad. But then came the next 20 minutes: touchdown run, touchdown pass, touchdown pass, punt return touchdown, safety.

From down 10-0, to leading 30-10. Mahomes is playing poorly, you have them down double digits one third of the way through the game and you think you’re going to win. Then they just wake the hell up, throw the switch and suddenly, you’re down 20 with less than a third of the game to go. and you have no idea what the hell just happened.

You go from forcing Mahomes into chucking a pair of picks and taking 30-yard sacks to giving up 30 straight points.

They can hit you like the Golden State Warriors back in the day and flip a game in minutes. They did that in the playoffs and Super Bowl last year, and they’re doing it right now.

So if you want to beat KC, you better prepare to come to work for every single second of that 60 minutes and maybe even into overtime. Good luck with that.

KC is so good that even a pick like this from Xavien Howard wasn’t enough.

That was a joke. A one-armed pick at the front of the endzone. That’s the interception of the year right there. Or at least it was until Colts DB Kenny Moore one upped it.

Holy crap. The only way you can beat a one-armed grab on the goal line is with a one-handed grab in the end zone. That’s not just the pick of the year, that’s the pick of just about any year. That’s the pick of the decade.

That is one hell of a pick. And this was a hell of a catch from Detroit’s Marvin Jones.

I know the officials ruled that an incomplete pass, but that’s going down in my book as a catch. Because you know what’s an awesome topic – debating whether something is or isn’t a catch. Great to have the bad old days of that argument back again.

So if I’ve never been more confident that KC is going to repeat than I am right now, I’ve also never been more confident that Washington’s Chase Young is going to be the defensive rookie of the year than I am right now. In fact, after seeing yesterday’s game, I’m ready to give him the trophy right now.

Against the 49ers yesterday, he had six tackles, one sack, one forced fumble, and this.

That is a very large man running very fast towards the end zone and carrying the ball like a loaf of bread. Normally, I’d warn a guy about carrying a football like that, but Young’s hands are so huge, it doesn’t even matter.

Remember a minute or two ago when people were starting to talk about Joe Judge as a possible coach of the year candidate? Or the next candidate to be Bill Parcells Jr.  Or Bill Belichcick Jr. Or Vince Lombardi Jr. Or all of them rolled into one, Jr. I do. Because, as I stated on the NFL TODAY yesterday, all that Judge hype was maybe a little much given who the Giants have played this year.

Sure they won four in a row after that 1-7 start and credit for not completely shutting down and going into tank when some may have. But then again, that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to continue competing. As long as the checks aren’t rubberizing, you need to keep coming to work and doing your job. 

The Joe Judge Hype Train was picking up steam and then yesterday it jumped the rails and smashed into the valley below after Arizona came into New York’s house and punked them 26-7.

Joe Judge got worked by Kliff Kingsbury and company. And it was a reminder that the Giants had been beating up on teams with losing records and a Seahawks team that overlooked them. But when you step in against better competition, they got exposed.  And by the way, that wasn’t even the best version of Arizona that did them like that.

And for all the talk of New York’s defense and what they’re doing, it was Arizona and Hassan Reddick who did the most work yesterday. Reddick had five sacks and three forced fumbles yesterday. Five sacks and three forced fumbles in one game. That’s a really good season for most guys and he did that in 60 minutes.

AND HE DID IT against that Giants offensive line that had been playing well since the coaching fight, errr, coaching change. 

I’m not saying Joe Judge is a terrible coach. Definitely not. But I’m going to have to see a HELLUVA lot more before I start crowning him some legend the way so many of you have.

But there is one legend I’m pretty comfortable crowning right now – King Henry. After being held in check by the Browns last week, Derrick Henry broke loose against the Jags.

That run was part of a 26 carry, 215 yard, 2 touchdown day. That’s his fourth career game with 200+ yards and 2 touchdowns. That’s a new NFL record.

And he sat out most of the fourth quarter. If he wanted to, he could’ve gone for 250 or taken a run at Adrian Peterson’s single-game rushing record of 296 yards. Hell, he could’ve gone for three bills.

But for a guy who puts up crazy stats, he doesn’t seem to care much about stats. “If we could go 4-0 these last (four) weeks I’d be most happy. Like I said earlier this week, I don’t care about stats. Last week I was really pissed off about the way I played (against Cleveland), thought I played poorly and I didn’t do my job to help my team, so I’m still pissed off about last week. I just want to do my job to help my team and do anything I can to help us win. Stats really don’t matter.”

I’d say he sounds like he’s PISSED OFF FOR GREATNESS!!!! But really he’s just pissed off for losing: and they got their asses kicked by the Browns last week and he was going to make damn sure it didn’t happen again yesterday. Nothing but respect for that attitude and approach.

And nothing but respect for the approach of Brandon McManus. The Broncos kicker had a rough day, missing two extra points, in Denver’s 32-27 win over Carolina.

And you know how it goes in today’s game – if you have a rough game on the field, you’re going to hear about it on social media. And McManus certainly did.

I’ve said it before, time and time again, twitter can be a nasty place. And if you have a bad day, the twitter gangsters, the keyboard tough guys, are going to come for you. 

Check this tweet bashing him: Brandon McManus sucked today

And now check who tweeted it: at The Kid McManus.

As in Brandon McManus. As in Brandon McManus tweeted Brandon McManus sucked today.

That is how you own it. That is how you let the world know what you think about how you played. Nobody is going to be a bigger critic of you than yourself. Especially if you give yourself a twitter account and the license to take a run at yourself. You did suck yesterday, McManus. But I don’t need to say it, because you said it yourself. That’s how you get out in front of it. Even better, he chased it with, “oh snap…I thought that was from my burner account.”  Some guys get it, some guys don’t, McManus definitely does. Big hat tip to at the kid McManus.