NFL Week 2

Brutal injuries league wide.

Jim Rome
September 21, 2020 - 9:53 am
Dallas Cowboys

USA Today


Let’s get the bad news from Week 2 out of the way first: yesterday was a brutal day for injuries. The 49ers alone lost five starters, including Nick Bosa to what is believed to be a torn ACL. No wonder the Niners are bent about the turf at MetLife, if you lose a quarter of your starters in one game, you’d be pissed too. And what’s it say about the Jets that they got the hell beaten out of them by the Niners’ JV team? Fitting, given the Jets look like a high school team.

Seriously, that’s not even gratuitous; that’s factual. These bums couldn’t get off the field defensively on a third and 31. When was the last an offense, on any level of football, much less the NFL, converted a third and 31.  B-U-M-S BUMS, BUMS, BUMS!

But the Niners weren’t the only ones to lose elite players. Saquon Barkley. Drew Lock. Courtland Sutton. Malik Hooker all went down. And the list goes on. There was a period of time in the first set of games yesterday when it seemed like we were averaging an injury a minute.

But it wasn’t all horrible news from yesterday. There was a lot of awesome. Like Aaron Rodgers. Again. He’s now completed more than two-thirds of his passes for more than 600 yards, 6 touchdowns and zero interceptions. And the Packers have put up more than 40 points in both games this year.

Including this TD to Aaron Jones.


When you watch Rodgers in the first two games this year it’s pretty obvious – not only is this guy not done, he’s not even close. Still elite as hell. 

Oh, and speaking of Aaron Jones. How about Aaron Jones? 236 yards from scrimmage and three touchdowns.

And Kyler Murray kept on doing what I told you he’d do when I was on the NFL Today yesterday, score touchdowns. 

The Chargers lost Tyrod Taylor before the game and then Justin Herbert came in a played like a stud. I couldn’t be more impressed with his poise and execution after finding out just before kickoff that he was going to start. This kid is legit; so much so that lava nation had already ripped the starting job from Taylor and given it to Herbert. Pretty much after the opening drive. Never mind that Anthony Lynn’s opinion is the only one that matters.  But Herbert did play really well; he just happened to leave a little too much time on the clock in regulation for Patrick Mahomes. And then Harrison Butker put on a show in overtime. 

That was macho as hell. Three straight pressure kicks from beyond 50 and he probably had five more kicks in him like that if you asked him to. So just so we’re clear – the best offense in the NFL also has the best kicker in the NFL. So even if you keep them out of the end zone, that cyborg is rolling onto the field to crush footballs.

But as great as that was, the best kicking moment yesterday was in Dallas. The Cowboys were taking an ass-kicking for most of yesterday and with five minutes left, they were down 39-24. Down 15, late and looking at an 0-2 start. Not a good look for the Cowboys, especially since they play in the sorriest division in football. Then Dak Prescott connected with Dalton Schultz for a touchdown.

Mike McCarthy went for two, which was just one of his many weird calls yesterday. And save it stat-heads, I’m not interested in your theories about going for two down nine. Just make it a one score game and keep moving. But the Cowboys went for two and failed. Then their defense forced a punt and Dak led Dallas on a 9-play, 76 yard drive in 68 seconds, capped off with a 1 yard td run by Dak.

Yesterday Prescott became the first player in NFL history with 400 passing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns in a single game. And his price went up again yesterday, Jerry. 

That score made it 39-37. And you know how it goes from here. The team that’s trailing tries an onside kick that they have no chance of recovering and that’s the end of the game.


Not this time.


What was that? No, seriously, what was that? What the hell were the Falcons doing?  What were they thinking?  I can answer that: some of those dummies were thinking the ball had to travel 10 yards before they could jump on it. Know the rules, much?! Hey geniuses, the kicking team has to let it travel 10 yards before pouncing on it. You don’t.  In fact, it’s your job not to let that happen. That’s why you were the 11 on the field in that moment: supposedly you’re the good hands crew, not the brain dead. Yet, there were at least four Falcons who could’ve grabbed the ball before it went ten yards and none of them did. They just watched it. In fact, at least one backed away from it, like aaahhh hell know, I’m not touching that spinning rock. Man you got the wrong dude, if you think I’m touching that football.  I saw and even today, I still can’t believe what I saw. 

And of course that would come back to bite them because Dallas drove into field goal range and won the game. 

What an utterly ridiculous win for Dallas and a truly ridiculous loss for Atlanta. Sure, it will go down as a dub, but that game says a helluva more about the falcons than it does the cowboys; and none of it is good. I guess, what I’m saying is, Hey Atlanta, back to being the fail clowns!!

And if you’re talking ridiculous you better talk about Russell Carrington Wilson. Because he put on another clinic last night against the Patriots.

More than 300 yards from scrimmage and five touchdown passes. And some of those passes were a complete and total joke. Like this dime to DK Metcalf.


And this one to David Moore.


If Russ walked down the field and handed the ball to Moore, he couldn’t have put it in a better spot. And I know that the fact that Russell Wilson has never received an MVP vote is speeding towards “Jerome Bettis is from Detroit” territory, but that fact is still a joke. And this is the year that ends.

And it’s not like the rest of that game was bad either. In fact, that was a damn good game last night and came down to the final play.


Hell of a play by the Seattle defense. Cam Newton had killed them in that spot all night. They hadn’t been able to stop him and when they needed it most, they got the stop.

And I don’t care how much you hate the 12s and how much you think they’re a collection of tools, the game missed them last night. It would’ve been a hell of a scene and a hell of a sound to have them in the building on that final play.