NFL Week 3

Some awesome and some ugly.

Jim Rome
September 28, 2020 - 9:25 am
Aaron Rodgers

USA Today


Week 3 of the NFL was awesome. And ugly. And weird. And some of it was so awesome, so ugly and so weird, that I’m going to need more real estate to break it all down. But in the meantime, let’s do a quick whip around the league. 

Starting with some of the awesome: because I am an awesome guy; and want to keep things positive and upbeat. So I’ll start with something positive: this throw from Aaron Rodgers, early in last night’s game:


Man. Still a dude. Still making it look much easier than it actually it is. That’s just a fact. And the Packers offense looked pretty damn good for the third straight week. And the Saints offense looked pretty un-Saint-like for the third straight week. And yes, not having Michael Thomas is definitely hurting them, and no, those questions about Drew Brees and whether or not he can still consistently drive the ball down the field or not going to go away. 

Here’s another fact for you… as long as we are keeping it awesome; and this is truly awesome. The Cleveland Browns, aka AMERICA’S TEAM, are 2-1. All you losers were killing them after week 1. And what happened? Exactly what I said would happen: do – they bounced the hell back and now they’re above .500 for the first time in six years.

So you can take all your noise about them going 90 weeks without a winning record and you can get the hell outa here with that. And your hate. And your horrible takes about the Browns. 

Because C-town is back. And winning like never before. And it’s not just Baker Mayfield: all 53 of those dudes roll out of the rack, feeling dangerous. And not just on Sunday, but every damn day. So put some damn respect on them. And I accept your apology. Because again, I am awesome. And all about keeping it positive. 

Here’s another awesome fact: Shaquil Barrett has the karma. You know the deal with Jungle Karma, come on the show, do a good interview, and good things happen. There is no way to explain how it works, only that it does. Not only does it work: it’s undefeated.  Just like sex. And father time. The three things in the history of the world that are undefeated: sex, father time and the jungle karma. And not necessarily in that order either.

Barrett did not have a sack in the first two games of the season. He came on the show last week before making his return to Denver and gets a safety. 

For the day, Barrett had three tackles for loss, two sacks, and one safety.  Great dude.  Great player.   Great day.  But does he have that day, if he doesn’t appear on this show a few days earlier.  I’m not so sure.  And that’s taking nothing away from a great player; in fact, he’d probably tell you the same thing: my preparation was great; my focus was great; the game plan was great; the guys around me were great.  And Rome.  And his bleeping karma.  Good job, Shaq: the jungle sees you.

Yawl feeling good now? Yawl feeling awesome? And positive? Good. Let’s get to the ugly: As starting with the super-ugly: the Texans. They’re 0-3, and maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to think they might not be better without DeAndre Hopkins. I know they’ve had to face KC, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh, which is a brutal stretch, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a bad team. Because they are. With an even worse plan.  Especially since that plan seems to involve trying to get their face of the franchise qb, killed.  Yes, their opening season schedule was an ass-kicker. But they’re getting their asses kicked. And their season may already be over. And they’re not the only ones. No names mentioned:

I’m looking at you Minnesota. And you, Philadelphia. 

Because Bengals-Eagles game ended in a tie. They played for about nine hours, and still, neither won.  Hell, no one of us won. In fact, we all lost.

And if you want one play to sum things up, here it is. Philadelphia lines up for a 59-yard field goal to win it in overtime and this happens.

That game was played in Philadelphia and it was a damn good thing there weren’t fans in the building. Can you imagine how Eagle fans would’ve reacted to that? If they eat horse bleep when they win a Super Bowl, what would they do if a false start costs them a win?  Against a winless team, starting a rookie at quarterback. We expect the Bengals to look like this.  Not the eagles.  We’re still waiting on them; and while it’s not all his fault, a chunk of it is, and we’re still waiting on Carson Wentz.

And speaking of weird, there’s the fact that the Chargers came this close to pulling off a game-winning hook and ladder.


Damn, that is brutal. The end of game laterals are usually incredibly embarrassing, but that was so close to working and so close to being legendary.

But if you’re looking for awesome, ugly, and weird, there’s only one team that’s been able to deliver all three on a weekly basis – I’m talking about the Atlanta Falcons.

Holy crap…these guys, they’ve had a full season in the first three weeks alone. They opened the season by hanging tough with the Seahawks for a half before getting blown out in the second half. Then they had whatever it was they had in Dallas last week. Well, what they had was a terrible choke job. Even for them. And then yesterday, they hosted Chicago.

If you want to get right, facing Mitchell Trubisky is a pretty good way to get right. And sure enough, in the third quarter, Trubisky threw a pick and was benched. Of course, Atlanta turned that pick into three points and were up 26-10, so it wasn’t going to matter that the Bears went to Nick Foles. It was too little, too late.

Ehhhhhhh!!! NO IT WASN’T. Because it’s never too late with the Falcons! Because no lead is ever safe with the Falcons. And if anyone can figure out a way to come from ahead to choke, it’s the Falcons. And they were doing work!! 

And Foles was doing what Foles does: coming off the bench, suddenly and unexpectedly, and making plays. Absolute perfection. Foles is a wizard. And so are the Falcons. Do you know how hard you have to work to blow a 15-point fourth quarter lead? And then to blow a 16-point fourth quarter a week later? That is so awful it’s actually impressive.

And they did it honestly. In that fourth quarter, they had a missed field goal, they couldn’t tackle, they had three straight three and outs, and Matt Ryan threw a game-ending interception.

They were up 16 with just over six minutes to go and Chicago managed to come all the way back in roughly four minutes and never had to use a time out. That is amazing. When it mattered most, they all pulled together, they all chipped in and found a way to lose. They are the very definition of manning down: weird, ugly and awesome all rolled into one; and I couldn’t respect and appreciate it any more than I do. Keep doing you, Falcons: you’re making my job easy.