NFL Week 7

The worse loss of Doug Pederson's tenure.

Jim Rome
October 21, 2019 - 9:29 am
Doug Pederson and Jason Garrett

USA Today


Let’s start the weekly recap with the obvious: not only did the Philadelphia Eagles NOT beat Dallas like the coach Doug Pederson said they would, they got hammered. That was a straight hospital job, in prime time, under the lights, for everyone to see. Not only did the Eagles get hammered, they didn’t bother to show up. Not my words, but those of their q.b. Carson Wentz: quote:

 “We didn’t show up. They beat the crap out of us.”

Yes and yes. Doug Pederson is a damn good coach and I’ve got no problem with head coaches calling their shot. I wish more would. Unless they call their shot and then go out and get their asses kicked. That was an all-time bad look. So much so, that Pederson was asked if that was their worst loss since he took over.

Let me help you there, Doug. It’s one. Yes, that was your worst loss since taking over.  So is Philly that bad? Or are the Cowboys really that good. Talk about Team Schizo. Are they the team that just bludgeoned Philly? Or are they the slugs that were sleepwalking against the Jets? Or are the Eagles just this bad? Because their defense definitely is. Everyone knew how badly the secondary was playing coming in, but they also had no way of stopping the run.  Or stopping the Cowboys from running their mouths.  Like Ezekiel Elliott who said after the game: “We don’t need inspiration from him to go out there and play hard. This rivalry is enough. Honestly, we don’t give a bleep what Doug Pederson says.”

And Amari Cooper: “Man, if I can ball out in the same game that Zeke balls out in, we’ll never lose.”

Talk about a complete reversal from a team that had dropped three straight, including one to the Jets, to now talking junk about never losing again. And playing the way they did last night, they might not. That was a completely different Cowboys team last night. The ginger clapper should probably give himself a big hand for his team’s effort last night.

BREAKING - I have to jump into this regularly scheduled recap to bring you news of Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals. I haven’t talked a lot of Bengal football on this show this year, because they’re terrible. But Andy Dalton did something amazing yesterday and I’ll be damned if I don’t give him some love for it.

Incredibly, Cincinnati was within a touchdown of Jacksonville in the fourth quarter and they were in the red zone, looking to tie the game. Unfortunately, Andy Dalton had other plans.

Okay, not a great pass. But that’ll happen. Especially to Dalton. A lot, actually. But, the Bengals defense is there to pick him up and force a punt. The Bengals offense comes back out. Incomplete pass. Defensive PI. Pass for no gain. And now this.

The ol screen pass to the Jags defense, just how they drew it up: that’s why you bring in a young offensive stud like Zack Taylor to dial up brilliant schemes like that. You know how you sometimes hear people say, that dump off is the same as a handoff: that’s what people mean when they say that. That screen was the same as a handoff. Like Dalton was just handing the ball to the opposition and letting them score. That was only my favorite play of the NFL weekend that was my favorite play of the NFL season to date.

But again, mistakes like that can happen. I mean, they can’t happen, but they do. And you have to bounce back. You have to have a short memory. 

If you fall off a horse, get your ass right back on. And if you throw two interceptions in four passes, throw another pass.

One play later, you guessed it.

Three interceptions in five plays. Legend. GOAT. I haven’t seen that kind of excellence in the art of throwing interceptions since Matt Schaub was handing out pick-sixes like Christmas presents. At this point, Andy Dalton is in the running not only for my favorite NFL player, not only as my favorite athlete ever but maybe my favorite human ever.  Three picks in five plays is not easy to do. And he just executed it flawlessly. 

What I’m saying is that this is a quarterback league. Either you have one or you don’t.  It’s that simple. And it’s pretty clear the Bengals don’t. Oh, and neither do the Chicago Bears.   

There was a time where people seriously wanted to bring up the idea as to whether Mitchell Trubisky was the future of NFC North. And maybe even the present of the NFC North.

And then this season happened. And on a weekly basis, everyone has been reminded that Mitchell Trubisky was the guy Chicago traded up to get when they could’ve had Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson.

And to make matters worse, there’s a quote from Watson that got a lot of run yesterday. Back in 2017, before the draft, Watson was on the NFL Network and talked the upcoming draft and what he’d say to someone who liked Trubisky more than him: “Hey man, you’re gonna have to live with the consequences that come with it. That’s how I see it. I try to stay in my own lane and try not to take that path. I respect Mitch and what he’s done and all the hype he’s getting, but at the same time, my results speak for itself. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, accomplished everything that I could. I guess if that’s who they’re gonna roll with, then hey, so be it.”

Well, the Bears are living with the consequences and they are ugly.

And if you needed any further evidence that Mitchell Trubisky isn’t what Mitchell Trubisky honks want him to be, check out yesterday’s beatdown by the Saints.

There are two ways to look at that game: one, that New Orleans has won five straight without Drew Brees, that Teddy Bridgewater is everything you’d want him to be, and that Sean Payton is doing arguably the best coaching job of his career.

And two: that the Chicago Bears are a complete disaster on offense. There were overthrows. There was confusion. And I don’t need to be QB guru Jordan Palmer to know his mechanics were a nightmare. I’d say Trubisky might have looked rusty, but when has he ever really looked great?

Not only has Trubsiky not gotten better this year, he’s gotten worse. He hasn’t taken a step forward, he’s taken about five steps back and been strip sacked. Sure, he’s coming back from injury, but does anyone, anywhere really believes that’s why he looked the way he looked yesterday.  If he’s not ready, don’t blame him. Bad news Bears fan; he was ready. This is just who he is. 

This offense, with the alleged future of the division at quarterback and Matt Nagy running the show, hasn’t cracked 300 yards this season. They have not gotten over three hundred yards of offense in a game this year. Are you kidding me?

Then again, when you watch them yesterday, you can see why. Nothing works. Everything’s terrible. The whole is worse than the sum of the parts.

They couldn’t pass. They couldn’t run. Even worse, even with Mitch Trubisky under center, They didn’t even try to run. They had 7 rushes for 17 yards. For the game. It’s the fewest attempts in Bears history. And Trubisky was getting booed at home.

The best description of the Bears offense against the Saints yesterday actually came from a former Saints coach in yester-year.

Not only is he not the best quarterback in the division, he’s the worst. And he might not even be the best fit for his own offense. 

And while the defense hasn’t been lights out the last two weeks, you know those guys are going to start getting pissed that the offense isn’t doing its job. How could they not.

Meanwhile, two other guys in that division who Trubisky was allegedly going to blow past, Kirk Cousins and Aaron Rodgers are putting up numbers. Cousins with third straight week of more than 300 yards and 70% completion rate. This time it was 337 yards for 4 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Talk about a complete turnaround. All of a sudden, the Viking offense is playing better than the Viking defense; a miracle when you consider all the heat that was coming down on Cousins just a few weeks ago. If we’re going to kill him when he’s not getting it done, we all have to give him credit when he does. And right now, he is.

And Aaron Rodgers went for 429 yards, 5 touchdowns passing, and one touchdown rushing. And he is squarely in the middle of the MVP debate, which is a ridiculous debate to be having in October, but here we are. So I guess Aaron Rodgers really doesn’t hate matt LaFleur: or if he does, he has a really funny way of showing it; but going out and playing literally a perfect game. Things couldn’t be going much better for the Packers than they are; but they will when they get Davante Adams back. And it’s time to bury two allegedly universally held beliefs about the division: that Rodgers and LaFleur will not be able to co-exist; and that the future of the NFC North is Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears were about to take over that division. Two of the biggest lies ever.