NFL Week 8

Charger fans, this is going to hurt.

Jim Rome
November 02, 2020 - 9:51 am
K.J. Hamler

USA Today


Charger fans, this is going to hurt me way more than it hurts you. Actually, it’s going to hurt just about everyone equally, because that was some kind of hideous loss yesterday. Just brutal. And I know you have experience with brutal losses, I mean, as much as it pains me to say it, the Falcons have nothing on you. And as bad as it has been, and it has been horrible, it really does feel like yesterday’s 31-30 loss to the Broncos was the worst of all. That was rock bottom. At least you better hope so. 

Because it could not have gotten off to a better start. With a touchdown pass from Justin Herbert to Keenan Allen.

And then one to Gabe Nabers just before halftime. At that point, LA was up 14-3, the Broncos were being booed off the field at halftime, and everything was good. And it was about to be great. Because less than five minutes after halftime, Herbert hit Mike Williams for another score.

Tack on a field goal and the Chargers were up 24-3 halfway through the third quarter.  Bank that bleep and keep moving. Ehhhhhhhh!!!! Right on cue, the Chargers remembered they were the Chargers and the Chargers simply are not capable of finishing games: I really, really like these guys; and really, really hate that I have to do this: but they really, really cannot finish. Anyone, anywhere at any time. Hell, for

The Broncos, just making the game close would’ve been a win. Instead, they actually got the win.

How does that happen? Not that touchdown, I mean the whole thing. How do you blow a 21 point lead in the final 22 minutes of the game? That is mind-blowing. I’m not angry or disgusted, I’m actually impressed. My only question is if Mama Hamler celebrated her boos birthday like this, how did she celebrate boo winning a game for the broncos??  

Again, I would say the Chargers gonna….Falcon!  But I’m here to tell you, yesterday, LA hit heights that even the Falcons couldn’t dream of. And this isn’t new.  I need you to check yourself, before I ask you to check this stat: I need your full attention. Do I have it?  Good.  Because yesterday, the Chargers became the first team in NFL history to blow a lead of 16 points or more in four straight games. Four.

Better yet, no team has done it three times and the Chargers have done it four times.

Once is bad, twice is horrible, three times is unprecedented and four is legendary. Again, they really are a good football team. They just are. You have to be really good to have a 16-point lead in four straight games and you have to be masochists or if you prefer choke artists to blow that lead in four straight games. I hate dropping that on anyone, especially a team and a coach that I really really like. But what else would you call a team that has blown 4 straight 16 point plus leads??

And no one needs to tell Anthony Lynn he and they have their backs to the wall:  said: "What do you wanna do -- go hire new players, go hire new coaches, right in the middle of the season? You can't do that. This is what we have, and we got to figure this s--- out right now."

That is the truth. And here’s another truth – yesterday was truly a crappy day for the City of Champions. Because the Rams got hammered by the Dolphins. For the last two weeks, there has been talk about how throwing Tua out in front of Aaron Donald and the Rams defense was a risk, but it turns out the real risk was throwing the Rams out in front of the Dolphins defense.

For the record, here is Tua’s first NFL touchdown pass.

And then here is what the Dolphins did to the Rams the rest of the day.

Scoop and score, touchdown from Goff, and allowing a punt returned for a TD.

Tua looked like a rookie making his first NFL start. The Dolphins defense looked like absolute monsters. They went after Goff on a third of his dropbacks and hassled him into 6 of 19 with two picks under that pressure. That was a serious statement by Miami. Tua looked like a rookie.  But Goff looked even worse. 

Speaking of statements, Kansas City didn’t need to make one in their 35-9 win over the Jets. But a statement was made and it came on fourth and four late in the first quarter. The Chiefs have the ball around midfield and they’re lined up to punt. Except everyone knew they weren’t going to.

Well, everyone aside from the Jets. Shoutout to Trent Green. Truly amazing when the announcer can call out the fake from the booth, but none of the Jets coaches or players could tell it was coming.

But everyone knew there were going to be some gems coming from Adam Gase in the presser afterwards: "I'm doing this job to win, not to go out and get my face stomped in just like all the rest of the guys in the locker room."

Hate to break it to you, crazy eyes, but you’re not only not winning, you are getting your face stomped in every single week. And so is everyone else in that locker room. You are what your record says you are: and you’re 0-8 and all eight wins have been by seven points or more. So you’re actually worse than your record says you are: and your record says you’re one of the worst teams in NFL history: and that you’re one of the most overrated coaches in NFL history:

The so-called “brilliant offensive mind” has led his team to 29 points in the last four games. Total.  My man is a bleeping wizard. 

It’s gone from wondering why the Jets haven’t fired Gase to completely understanding why they haven’t fired Gase, you’ve got to keep this guy around to make sure you get the first pick. Can’t get rid of the guy and have the team get a lift and actually win a game. Much better to keep him around and make sure he really runs this thing off a cliff.

And if you haven’t had enough of the Jets yet this year, you’re getting to see them in primetime next Monday night against the Patriots. And that’s a Pats team that is 2-5 and coming off a painful loss to Buffalo. But I’m not here to make stupid statements about the Patriots being done or do some sort of weekly check-in on William vs. Thomas, I’m here to celebrate the Bills.

Because Buffalo, your guys got over. The Bills beat the Patriots yesterday 24-21 and in doing so, snapped a seven-game losing streak to the Pats.

And yes, these Patriots aren’t the Patriots of before, but who gives a crap? Who cares that you let them back in the game and they were driving towards a tying score: and that you can’t seem to put teams away or stop the run.  I don’t care about any of that. A win is a win. Especially over a team that has owned you for years. Besides, you can only play the team in front of you. Just be glad Justin Zimmer stepped up and made a huge play to stop the bleeding:

Cue up the table slams. How good did that feel, Buffalo? It should feel damn good.  Again, I don’t give a damn how it looked. I only care about what it means: and it means they’re 4-0 in the AFC East and even though it’s only November, they may have already  won the division.

And there’s one other team I want to mention in the recap: the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’ve tried to get you all to pay attention to this team. I told you they were good earlier this year. I told you again after they went to Tennessee last week and beat the Titans. And then yesterday, they went to Baltimore and came back from 10 points down to win 28-24.

That was a statement win. But not the usual statement win. Because Pittsburgh was not good in the first half. But they didn’t mail it in. They went into the locker room and flipped the game on its head, outscoring the Ravens 21-7 in the second half.  

They’re 7-0 for the second time in team history. So the question isn’t are the Steelers really this good? Because if you’re doing something that’s only been done once before in Steelers history, you’re damn good. You deserve to be called Super Bowl good. And right now it’s them the defending champs and everyone else.