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A Nice 5 On 5 Run

Your career. Your money.

November 07, 2018 - 10:55 am

When Le'Veon Bell lit NFL Twitter on fire tweeting "Fairwell Miami," everybody wondered what came next. 

Was he reporting? Was he stalling? Was he even gonna tell the Steelers what was going on, considering he didn't before he thumbed out that tweet. 

Well here's something nobody saw coming. Lev was suiting up. In Pittsburgh... 

For the afternoon 5-on-5 run at the L.A. Fitness. 

That's right. Lev set Twitter on fire for the second straight day. Only this time, it was because photos starting flying out of the local gym, where he was spotted playing pickup hoops. We're officially at the part of the Le'Veon Bell saga where this dude's teammates aren't Big Ben or Juju or AB. No, he's playing make-it, take-it with a bunch of scrubs trying to get a sweat before they go back and finish their workday. 

GREEEAT. What’s next? Showing at Spin Class and getting a ride this morning? Will he drop by the local CrossFit gym and do some mediocre burpees or swinging pull-ups? Is this dude so desperate to find a workout that he's gonna roll into some high school weight room and get to work on his bi's and tri's?  

All that's left is trying to figure out what kinda stat line this dude put up on the LA Fitness hard court. Was his jumper falling? How was his cardio? Did he distribute the rock? 

And did James Conner show up this morning at the local 24 Hour Fitness, score the same amount of points, get a couple more rebounds, and do it in half the time for a fraction of the cost without any of the drama?

And now it’s fair to ask, was all of this really worth it? Sure he saved some wear and tear on his body, but will prospective teams think he’s a better player for it.  Or just a year older? And it may be all for not if the Steelers do him the same way and tag him again.  Then what was the point of all this. This dude is out running with some randos, while James Conner is killing it and the Steelers really haven’t missed Bell much at all. I don’t want someone else telling me what to do with my money, so I’m not going to tell Bell what to do with his. If he wants to light his on fire, go right ahead. But I will ask whether or not he’s going to get the money he thinks he’s worth and whether or not the holdout was really worth. And I don’t think he is. 

Sure, it’s sort of funny I guess that instead of taking run at a Super Bowl with Big Ben, AB and the fellas, Lev is out running with Tim from accounting and that hairy, sweaty dude that nobody wants to guard in the low block. But it's not going to be funny if Lev's swimming laps with the seniors and setting personal bests in the back stroke next week and this holdout is still going on and he’s got nothing to show up for it. 

Your career. Your money. But your teammates are doing their jobs, and making money while you’re screwing around in an L.A. Fitness for free.