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NL Double Champs Look Absolutely Lethal

Have the Dodgers stopped mashing yet?

April 08, 2019 - 12:09 pm

One-sixteenth of the way into the MLB season, there's one question on the mind of every team in the NL West: 

Have the Dodgers stopped mashing yet?

The six-time defending division champs were supposed to be wounded. The Senior Circuit double-champs left spring training without aces Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler. Rich Hill's bum knee has him loitering in Poor Valley. 

When you break camp missing 60% of your starting rotation, you expect a team to get out the twine and the duct tape and try and patch a couple good games together. You don't expect them to pull out the bazookas and start dropping bombs. 

The Dodgers are straight up mashing. One to Nine, these dudes are rolling up to the plate and teeing off like it's beer league softball, not one of the deepest divisions in baseball. 

The Boys in Blue hit the D-Backs with an OCHO BURGER on opening day -- an MLB record 8 bombs. And they haven't stopped swinging it since. 

Heading into last night, the Dodgers' 72 runs over the first 9 games were the most scored by any team since Y2K. The 22 bombs were tied for the second-most ever over in the same stretch. And then they went out and dropped a 12-pack of Coors Light on the Rocks. 

12 runs. 12 hits. 10 walks. An absolute mauling by the Dodger offense, with two more bombs, including this absolute MOON SHOT by Cody Bellinger. 

I mean, listen to that thing. So clean. So pure. Freaking Scott Stapp is ready to sub that thing in after GAME DAAAAAAY.

That's SEVEN Home Runs for Bellinger, thru 10 games.  Dude is freaking ridiculous, hitting .455. He's getting on base at almost a 50% clip. His OPS is 1512. Sample size it all you want, that's an absolutely insane number. He's almost 1/3 of the way to the 25 bombs he hit last season and it's early April. Oh, and he's just 23-years-old. 

If you thought Belly was gonna drag that postseason slump to the plate with him after hitting a buck-fifteen (.115) last October, dude's doing the opposite. He's squaring up Rawlings and putting them into the top-deck with absolute vengeance.

And the Dodgers are freaking rolling and these dudes aren't even close to being at full strength. 

Again. No Kershaw. No Rich Hill. Walker Buehler is just getting started, and the Dodgers are 8-and-2. With an MLB best +36 run differential. An NL best 84 runs scored. And 24 bombs. 

Last night, their starter got chased in 3-and-2/3rds, Joe Kelly got knocked around in the pen. They gave up a free run after they forgot how many outs there were. And they still dropped a Dozen on the Rocks. 

Bad news for the rest of baseball: Kershaw's coming back. So is Rich Hill. Walker Buehler got right over the weekend. And if you dug a trench for this team after they played things conservatively this offseason, it took only 10 games to realize how awful that take was. 

The Dodgers aren't back. They never left. And the NL Double Champs look absolutely lethal and locked in for another run to October.