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No Credit For Firing Durkin

NO credit for doing the right thing when it should have been done so much sooner. 

November 01, 2018 - 9:41 am

On Tuesday, the Maryland Board of Regents announced the reinstatement of DJ Durkin as head coach at Maryland. And for that announcement the board of regents, the school, and the athletic department took an enormous amount of criticism. It was criticism for the gutlessness, callousness, and just flat out stupidity in bringing back a coach who oversaw a toxic program. A coach who had a player die on his watch; a death that was entirely preventable.

On Wednesday, university president Wallace Loh announced in a statement that DJ Durkin had been fired as head coach at Maryland. 

So what changed? I mean aside from anyone and everyone associated with the decision to bring Durkin back, getting crucified. Actually, that was pretty much it. Because 24 hours earlier, the chair of the Board of Regents was telling everyone how awesome DJ Durkin was. How awesome he was and that he was actually a victim and being treated unfairly.  They couldn’t wait to reinstate this guy and let him get back to making his players watch vids of eyeballs getting drilled out, serial killers and animals killing other animals. 

I’d say they couldn’t have handled this any worse than they have, but knowing how they’ve handled this, give them time. I’m sure they’ll find a way to jack it up any further.

So the question is: do they deserve credit for making the right decision? And the answer is: no. Hell no. NO credit for doing the right thing when it should have been done so much sooner. 

They had months to make the right decision. They had months to review the conditions under which Jordan McNair suffered and died an entirely preventable death. Months to interview everyone involved with the program. Months to learn about the physical and psychological abuse taking place in the program. Months to write a report. And they used those months to come to a decision that was wrong in every single way.  

So no, you don’t get credit for changing your mind to what you should’ve done all along. 

This crew of dopes and scumbags looked at a report that said the head coach was signing off on screening videos of serial killers and drills going into eyeballs during breakfast and said, yep…that’s our guy. 

Normal people hear that and say, that person shouldn’t be around student athletes The Maryland Board of Regents said he should be the second-highest paid employee in the state. 

Yes, it is never too late to do the right thing, so I’m glad they finally got around to it. But they get zero credit for it. 

Because they didn’t do it because it was the right thing to do. They didn’t want to do it all. They did it because they had to. They did it because they were getting hammered. By everyone. And because they stupidly underestimated the backlash in bringing Durkin back. 

In other words, everyone knew that Maryland was doing the wrong thing except for Maryland. So when they now reverse direction and do the right thing, that’s better than doing the wrong thing, but barely: and don’t be looking for any credit for it, because you’re not getting any.   

The DJ Durkin situation was not about Maryland’s football program, it was about Maryland as a university. Are they a university with a football team or a football team with a school attached? And the Board of Regents said the latter. 

A source told ESPN that DJ Durkin was “surprised” by the decision. And I get that. You might think the fact that he was surprised shows how little he gets anything, but I disagree. Because on Tuesday, he had the Board of Regents hyping him and saying that DJ Durkin was the victim in this whole situation. If I’m DJ Durkin and I hear that, I’d be thinking, I’ve got it made. These people don’t give a bleep and will back me no matter what. He probably was surprised. And 24 hours later, he gets fired.  

Again, the right decision, but one that everyone associated with making it gets zero credit for. 

If you hand in a test in school with the wrong answer and it gets graded and then you write the correct answer over the wrong answer, you don’t get credit for that.  

This was a test and the leaders at Maryland all failed. 

They failed Jordan McNair in life and they failed him in death.

And you should not need the student body, the faculty, the deans, and just about every person on planet earth to tell you that.  

Thanks for doing the right thing, after trying like crazy to do the wrong thing. Now let’s never talk about Maryland football ever, ever again.