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Now Or Never, Cleveland

Tonight is the night.

September 20, 2018 - 9:22 am

Thursday Night Football. Browns v Jets. And Cleveland, I'm just gonna come right out and say it: NOW OR NEVER. 

Hell, there has never been a more now or never scenario than the one facing Cleveland right now. Tonight is the night. I repeat, tonight is the night. 

No more ties. No more shanked PAT’s. No more moral victories. After 635 days and 19 regular season games, I'm just gonna come out and say it: You better WIN. 

The Browns are three-point favorites tonight. If that's a sentence you don't remember hearing, it's because it's a sentence I don't remember ever saying. Vegas has never favored a Browns team under Hue Jackson. Vegas hasn't picked a Browns team to win since 2015. And while I have a ton of respect for what Todd Bowles is building in New York and the franchise quarterback that Sam Darnold is gonna become, Believeland; it's freaking time. 

Look, I don't want to focus on the negative. Because if you do, you can start to see the way this thing plays out. A loss means a trip to the Black Hole to play the only dude maybe more desperate for a win than Hue -- CHUNKY GRUDEN. And then after that, run a finger down that schedule. Because it's gonna take a freaking crowbar to bust open one of those fridges filled with Victory Swill. 

Ravens, Chargers, FitzMagic... Steelers, Mahomes, Matty Ice. The Bengals look good. The Texans are gonna get right. I'd tell you that Carolina and Denver are right after that, but holy crap I'm INTO DECEMBER already and I can hear that Browns lady gassing out, just screaming OH MY GOD THIS IS NOT HAPPENING AGAIN, OH MY GOD THIS IS NOT HAPPENING AGAIN.  

I'm not saying this to apply pressure. I'm just laying down the facts. Handle your business. You're the better football team. Now go and prove it. 

Because the Browns can't Brown. Not tonight. Not at home. Not against the Jets. Not against the quarterback you could've had at #1. NOW OR NEVER. 

It's time, Cleveland. To Dilly Dilly. To bust the slump of all slumps. It's time for the Dawg Pound to do something they haven't done in 635 DAYS: Wake up with a victory hangover. 

Because if you don't now. I don't know if it's ever happening. If not now, Cleveland, than when.