OBJ's Hype Video

America's Team!

Jim Rome
July 26, 2019 - 9:12 am
Odell Beckham Jr.

USA Today


It’s July 26th which means it’s around the time of year when people are crying about the “dog days of summer.” You know, they’re just dragging themselves out of bed in the morning and barely making it through every single day.

I see it. And while I hear it, I’m also here to tell you, I’m not about that life. I’m here to tell you, that’s not happening. Not here. Not now. That’s not okay. 

My message to you is the same as the legend Steve Ballmer’s was at his presser:


And you want to know why I’m so psyched? It’s not for the reason you think. It’s not that this a walk off day for me and I’m gearing up for my two week summer vacation. Don’t get twisted; that doesn’t suck. You’re getting a break from me. But more importantly I’m getting a well-deserved break from you. But that’s not why I’m so hyped. The reason I’m hyped is because Cleveland Browns camp opened up yesterday. July 25th. Freaking Christmas in July, baby!! 

These aren’t the dog days of summer, they are the Dawg Days of Summer. Like D-A-W-G days.

And Browns fans were feeling it. They were there early, lining up, just to get in. And I was this close to jumping on a plane to join them.

And if the fact that Cleveland was opening camp yesterday wasn’t enough to get you screaming like Howard Dean, then maybe this social media gold from Odell Beckham Junior’s Instagram account will help. Roll it.

If you need me, I’ll be running through the brick walls holding up this studio. Holy freaking crap.


Look, the truth is, you could put The Alan Parsons Project song “Sirius” under shots of anything and it will get people pumped. You could play that under footage of grass growing, or paint drying, or standing in line at the post office, and I’d get fired up.

But you put that under clips of Odell, Juice, Baker, and the rest of the crew, and I am ready to join the Dawg Pound right now. I’m a middle aged dude, with no game, and I’m ready to strap on a helmet for Freddie Kitchens and start blowing up would-be tacklers.

I’m so hyped, much as it would piss up the fam, which is expecting a euro vacation, I’m about to cancel the whole damn thing, and come right back in on Monday to start doing minute-by-minute recaps of Browns camp.

And it’s not just because they put out a video of Odell, Juice, and Baker working out. Or because they had some clips from some legend talking about them.

It’s because of all the buzz and all the hype around this team. It’s because yesterday was the first time the public had seen Baker, Jarvis and Odell on the practice field at the same time.

The guys showed up yesterday and they showed out. Like this from Baker to Odell along the sideline.

Damn, that’s pretty. Is that even real life? It is! And it’s exactly what you think you’re going to get when you think Baker and Odell, right?

You don't even need to see that clip to know what happened. You don't even need me to describe it. The sounds told you everything.

The rapid fire click of hundreds of cameras. 

And then a cheer from the crowd. 

But did you hear the type of cheer? It’s both one of awe and joy. Because that’s what these guys are bringing. Awe. And joy. And it is awesome.

And he wasn’t just going against air. He spent chunks of the day going up against Pro Bowler Denzel Ward. You think that’s not going to be a great battle? Talk about iron sharpening iron.

And in case you were too focused on Beckham, here’s Jarvis Landry making it look way too easy.

Again, check that reaction. You don't need the video, you can just hear the oooo! Again.  Outright awe, then joy.

And you better get used to it. Because that was Day One for the Cleveland Browns. This is just the start.

After practice, Beckham sounded like a guy who’d been there for years, not a guy who just went through his first day of camp.

“I feel settled in my heart, in my mind, my body. I’m just settled into where I’m at and I feel like I belong."

That’s the damn truth. This is a great fit. Who cares about what happened in the past. The past is prologue. This begins now and the relationship between Odell and the fans is already amazing.

As he said: “The love is real and it’s crazy. I just want to be able to reciprocate that. I want to be able to spread it and give it as much as possible.’’

He wasn’t just feeling the love, either: “I could feel the hunger and the want to win from these fans and that’s just something we just want to be able to showcase and give to them.’’

I could go for hours about this, but I’ll end it with this quote from Beckham about a moment from the day with Landry: "I'm seeing (Landry) run around and him making catches and he comes back and he's like 'it's gotta be real for you now' and I'm like 'I can feel it.'"

It’s as real as real gets. And I’m feeling it 2,300 miles away. The Browns are taking one of the biggest, most beautiful swings I have ever seen. So keep coming with the noise about how they’ll never be able deal with the expectations, the enormous bullseye on their back and that it’s not a question of if they implode but when. YOU keep coming with it, because I am looking for anything and everything that I haven’t already pushed to the center of the table to bet on these guys. I’m all in, all day, every day with these dudes.  I love their talent. I lover their swagger. I love their leadership. And I love the enormous freaking chip that entire town has on its shoulder. That’s America’s team and I freaking still here for them. And if you don’t believe me, maybe you will when I cancel that vacation and show up here Monday to pick up right where I left off. CLEVELAND: THIS IS FOR YOU!!!