Odell Beckham Jr.

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Odell Beckham Jr. Finally Gets Paid

He deserves it, because he earned it.

August 28, 2018 - 9:35 am

Finally. Odell Beckham Jr. got paid. Finally. The deal that was coming for a while is finally here: a reported 5 years, 95 million, with 65 million guaranteed. If those numbers are accurate, this new deal sets the bar for receivers in terms of money per year and guaranteed money. 

And of course the immediate question was: did the Giants make a mistake in giving him all that money? And the answer is: no and no. They did not make a mistake and they are not giving him all that money. He earned it. According to Forbes, the New York Giants are worth a reported 3.3 billion dollars. That’s billion with a b. They are not a charity. They do not give away money. And even if they did, Beckham’s guaranteed 65 mill would be a drop in the bucket. 

So they are not giving him money. He’s earning it and he’s worth it. He’s putting up Hall of Fame numbers and deserves to reset the market for receivers. 

Normally, when it comes to contracts, I take the approach that you are worth whatever anyone will pay you. In this case, Odell Beckham is worth 65 million guaranteed. And he’s probably worth a hell of a lot more than that. 

Did you see the Giants without Odell Beckham last year? I did. They were absolute garbage. That wasn’t all due to him being out, but it definitely played a role. You want to try running that back again, year after year. Hell no. That’s why you sign him to a deal like this. And here’s the best part for the Giants: he’s only 25. He’ll turn 26 halfway through this year. He hasn’t hit his supposed athletic prime. And if he goes the way he’s been going, not only will he be worth this money, in a couple of years, he’ll probably be underpaid. 

Is there risk involved? Of course there’s risk involved. There’s risk involved in any contract. That’s the nature of the business. But the greater risk was in not signing him. Or even more idiotically, trading him. You don’t do that with a 25 year old wide receiver who’s doing what he’s doing. He changes the team when he’s on the field. He sells jerseys. He gives people a reason to show up at the stadium and tune into games. 

Yes, I know about the ankle injury and the drama in the past, but by all accounts, he’s hit the ankle rehab like a monster and the Giants have been very pleased with how he’s handled his business.  

You can put a price tag on that deal, but the reactions from around the league were priceless.

There was a party in the Giants locker room as broadcast on Sterling Shepard’s Instagram: 

That’s awesome. You can’t tell me that group isn’t pumped for Beckham. And that tells you a lot. That’s a crew that’s saying when Beckham gets paid, we all get paid. 

And the reaction from players around the league was similar. Beckham’s old LSU teammate, Jarvis Landry: 

Everything we spoke into existence started way back when...

Another receiver, Michael Thomas, was pretty pumped because a big deal for Beckham means a big deal for Thomas down the road.

THANK YOU. @OBJ_3 congratulations well deserved.

And then Cardale Jones reminded everyone of his strong twitter game with this tweet at Odell: hey man, you might not remember me but I’m your cousin on your great uncle Ray Ray side. Saw you at the family reunion in 03. Can I have some money? Congrats on the new deal.

Oh, and let me leave you with one final thought from around the league: this mysterious tweet from one Jalen Ramsey: 

It’s going to be a show very soon #batmanvsthejoker

Week 1. September 9th. New York at Jacksonville. Beckham v. Ramsey. Batman vs. The Joker. Can’t wait. 

Beckham got paid. And he deserves it, because he earned it. And yes, it’s a gamble, but it’s a damn good gamble: one I’d take every damn day.  Normally, if both sides are pissed, it’s a good deal. In this case, both sides are ecstatic. And they should be. Because it’s a good deal for both of them. I trust this guy now, with this money and this responsibility. Do you? Hit me up. Let me know where you come out.