Odell's Arrest Warrant

He should not have been slapping the buttocks of a security guard.

Jim Rome
January 17, 2020 - 11:52 am
Odell Beckham Jr.

USA Today


Remember a long time ago when Odell Beckham Jr handing out cash, errrr, aaahhhh, novelty money, was a thing? 

That was so long ago Carlos Beltran still had a job. It was well before a fake niece was accusing real MLB players of wearing buzzers. And it was before someone claiming to be the son of an MLB player accused a current MLB player of using PEDs. It feels like ancient history.

And yet it was just 24 hours ago. That’s how ridiculous the last 24 hours have been. They’ve been so ridiculous I don’t have time to get into Giannis going for 32, 17, and 7 in the win over Boston. Or Brandon Ingram and Donovan Mitchell going for 49 and 46 respectively in the Pelicans overtime win over the Jazz. 

And there’s no time to get to the real news, like Alex Caruso climbing to fourth in NBA All-Star voting. Because that is awesome. That means it’s working. The people are speaking and making their demands known.

24 hours ago, people were freaking out about whether or not that was real cash that Odell Beckham Jr was handing out. And what that would mean for LSU and the NCAA and amateur sports as we know them.

And then within moments, it switched to people freaking out about an arrest warrant being issued for Odell Beckham Jr, not for handing out cash to athletes who are supposed to be playing for an education and the love of the game, but for a complaint of simple battery.

Here’s an excerpt from ESPN’s report: “Video surfaced this week showing Beckham slapping the buttocks of a Superdome security guard in the LSU locker room after the Tigers' national championship victory over Clemson on Monday in New Orleans According to records obtained by NOLA.com, the security guard had been telling LSU players to put out cigars in the locker room before he was slapped. The New Orleans Police Department public affairs office confirmed that the security guard filed the complaint.”

According to NOLA dot com, the person in question said that his first reaction was to punch Beckham, but he kept his cool. 

“The sworn statement suggests the officer later realized who had slapped him after a cellphone video of the encounter had gone viral online. After calling the NOPD and undergoing an interview early Wednesday, the officer indicated that he wanted to press charges.”

So now we know a little more about the incident and maybe it wasn’t as wild and crazy as some people were making it out to be initially. You know, back when people were coming up with theories as to why the security guard was in there, what he was thinking and feeling when he was talking to LSU players, and so on. 

Here’s what we do know – Odell Beckham Jr should not have been slapping the buttocks of a security guard in the locker room on Monday night. That was inappropriate. It was idiotic. It was dumb. 

I don’t care if he meant it as a joke or a lighthearted moment. I don’t care if it was the result of having too much fun or too much booze or both, but you can’t do that.

I’m glad the security guard did not follow through on his initial reaction to punch Beckham. Because that would’ve been horrible. Who knows what would’ve happened after that. It would’ve made a stupid situation into a truly terrible situation. I’m very glad that cooler heads prevailed in that instance and credit to the security guard for that. 

As for whether or not charges need to be filed, that’s a different matter. It’s easy for me to say that this doesn’t seem like a major incident and it’s the kind of thing that can just be talked out, rather than requiring interviews and paperwork and arrest warrants. But I wasn’t the one who was slapped on the buttocks. 

It’s up to the security guard. If he felt like a crime was committed and wants to press charges, that’s his call. Go right ahead. 

But the larger thing about Odell and the security guard, and then about everything that happened yesterday with Carlos Beltran’s fake niece and Scott B’s potentially really or fake son is that everyone just needs to take a step back and breathe a little bit. 

We don’t need to freak out about everything that we see on Twitter all the time. I know it’s tempting, I know it can be fun. But give it a little time. That’s the lesson from the last 24 hours. Give it time before you react to something you see on Twitter. Because that Odell arrest warrant that had people hyperventilating yesterday doesn’t seem like such a big deal today.