1st Place In The AFC North

America's Team.

Jim Rome
September 30, 2019 - 10:49 am
Baker Mayfield

USA Today


For everyone who was crushing the Cleveland Browns after Week 1, for everyone who was KILLING them for being not ready for primetime, for reading their own clippings, for the clowns who were dropping phrases like overrated as hell, I’ve got five words: scoreboard, look up at it. 


Because America’s Team just rolled into Baltimore and put a beating on them to the tune of 40-25. And look who’s in first in the AFC North: the Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Browns, the crew most of you wanted to throw in the trash after one week. And then wanted to dump on again after Week 3. They just went to house of a rival and beat them by 15. And took over the top spot in the division. 

That was a 10-10 game in the third and they blew it wide open. That’s how you finish on the road. 

That was a brawl. A one-sided brawl. But a brawl nonetheless. It had everything. Big plays, insane runs, and dudes trying to choke each other on the field.

I have no idea how things got so bad between Odell Beckham and Marlon Humphrey, but I know I never expected to see one guy trying to choke the other out on national television. But that’s exactly what Humphrey was doing to Beckham.

And Freddie Kitchens was pissed: "I saw what you saw. He was getting choked on the ground. They get away with that because it's Odell. I'm going to be on the phone with Al (Riveron, NFL senior vice president of officiating) when I get on the bus."

But Beckham handled it as only Beckham could handle it: “I’m just upset I lost my earring.”

The Browns took that in stride and they took everything else that Baltimore threw at them in stride. You want to take away Beckham by blanketing him and choking him? You want to erase the best receiver in the game. That’s fine. 

That’s fine. Here’s Jarvis going for 8 receptions for 167 yards. And here’s Nick Chubb.

Have you met Nick Chubb? Because this is what Nick Chubb can do.

A hell of lot of guys had a look at Chubb on that one and none of them could bring him down. And then he chased that with this.

To quote a former Raven, that’s two for him! 

That made it 24-10, but Baltimore scored to make it 24-18 with just under 10 minutes to play. And one play later, Chubb ended the game and ran a stake through the Ravens.

See ya. Thanks for coming. Nice knowing ya. And after seeing that, I’m guessing a bunch of folks are going to want to try to get back on the bandwagon. A bunch of folks who were takings runs at the quarterback and the head coach are going to pretend like they never said those things; act like they never gave up on those two. 

They’re going to change their tune after seeing Baker Mayfield go 20 for 30 for 342 yards. Where are the losers saying “overrated” after that? The offense went for 530 yards, so how about  you come in here, choke down that crow sando, tip you bleeping hat and some love and respect for Freddie Kitchens, who a bunch of you were saying was in over his head last week. And that the gig was too big for him. 

And still others are going to want to say the offense is finally doing what everyone expected. Except it’s not. Because as good as that was, they’ve got another gear. They can get even better. There is another level to this group.

But even though there’s another level, let’s appreciate what we just saw. That was a macho performance. 1-2 on the season, coming off a tough loss to the Rams in Cleveland, and facing a ton of heat, that group goes on the road and beats the crap out of a good Baltimore team in Baltimore. 

And it wasn’t just the offense. The defense had four sacks and three turnovers. They held Lamar Jackson under 250 passing yards for the first time this season. 

And now they’re in first place in the division for the first time in five years. If the season ended today, which is absurd, because it doesn’t, but if the season ended today, they’re in the playoffs. And while that’s absurd to say, a bunch of y’all were acting like the season ended after week 1. It didn’t. And y’all try to act like their season ended last week. And it didn’t.

Don’t get this twisted. I’m not saying they have officially landed. They’re not a finished product. They’re still going to face more challenges. I know that. And they know that. But as Freddie Kitchens said in the locker room after the game, this is a bleeping team. 

America’s Team was in the building yesterday. And they were wearing white shirts, orange pants, and Baltimore’s faces on the bottom of their cleats. 

In other words, this is a bleeping team. And this is why didn’t bleeping jump ship at the first sign of adversity. Or the second. Because this is a bleeping Team. This is bleeping America’s Team!