2019 New York Jets

They take this season to a new level by benching Jamal Adams.

Jim Rome
September 18, 2019 - 10:24 am
Jamal Adams

USA Today


If you thought the New York Jets were done losing to Cleveland, then you don’t know the New York Jets. Because if there is a way to still be losing a Monday night game on Wednesday morning, the New York Jets will find it.  

Sure, they got embarrassed at home in primetime. And yes, their offensive mastermind was exposed. And their self-aggrandizing defensive coordinator was humiliating on prime time, in front of all his peers and the rest of the world. 

But that can happen to any team at any time. 

Only the Jets could take this to a new level by benching their Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams and then having that spill over to social media, allegedly.

Here’s what we do know about what happened Monday night. In the fourth quarter, Adams picked up penalties on back to back plays, offside and encroachment, and was benched for the final five plays of the game. Of a nationally televised game.

Because that’s a cool and smart thing to do – bench your best player. 

This is a guy who had missed a grand total of 14 of the nearly 2300 career snaps he could’ve played in his career. What I’m saying is that he doesn’t come off the field. And he takes pride in that fact. It doesn’t matter how much his team is losing by, how humiliating the loss is, he still wants to be out there battling. 

In a game that is as violent as football and playing the game as physically as Adams does, he’s missed 14 plays. And now you’re benching him and according to Adams, not really explaining it. 

“Obviously I don’t know why or what was the reason. I made a penalty and they took me out. I’m not upset… Well, I am upset. I wanted to finish the game, but I obviously didn’t finish the game. But it is what it is. I made a bonehead mistake. I anticipated wrong… One thing about me, I’m always going to finish the game regardless. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. I’m out there to hunt. And that’s just how I am.”

I don’t know what’s dumber – benching him or not explaining why you benched him. That is awesome. Way to compound the loss, fellas. Could not have handled that any worse than you did. Right when you think you can’t look any worse than you do, you raise the bar even higher. 

That is truly incredible. Benching your best player in a primetime game with the entire world watching. The entire team and organization is already humiliated, why not just single out your best player and humiliate him even further before calling it a night.   Really Good call, no,… GREAT call. 

You know what’s stupid? Your defensive coordinator taking a run at Odell Beckham. 

Taking a run at the best player on the opposing offense is moronic. Taking a run at the best player on YOUR DEFENSE is galaxy-brain moronic. 

Exactly what kind of a message are you looking to send, other than some fake tough guy message?

Because that is the kind of thing that has a ripple effect.

And it seems like that ripple effect includes the bio on Adams twitter account. According to NFL dot com, the bio that previously read "Former LSU All-American - Defensive Back for the New York Jets" is now "Let the lord fight your battles. He hasn't lost one yet!"

In other words, he stripped out the reference to the New York Jets. And I can’t say that I blame him on any level. Would you want to be associated with the New York Jets right now? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

This is a guy who’s suffered through some really crappy times with the Jets, but stuck by them. Then you humiliate him and embarrass him like that to send a message, and he doesn’t want to stick by them. And I get it.

I wouldn’t want anyone to know I played for the Jets either. 

Hey, aren’t you Jamal Adams from the Jets? Nope, that’s some other guy. 

Nah, you’re Jamal Adams from the Jets.

Nope. Not me. Check my twitter bio. That’s not me. 

Two games into the season, let’s do a quick summary of how things are going for Adam Gase and Gregg Williams:

Lose the first two games of the season in embarrassing fashion. Check.

Lose your starting quarterback to the kissing disease. Check.

Lose your backup quarterback to leg injury. Check.

Lose your Pro Bowl safety to an idiotic power move. Check.

Let that idiotic power move be the basis for another idiotic distraction and controversy. Check.

Good job, good effort, fellas!