Aaron's Off-Season

It’s a pretty damn good time to be Rodgers right now.

Jim Rome
August 29, 2019 - 11:00 am
Aaron Rodgers

USA Today


If Antonio Brown is having the worst offseason of any NFL player this year—and he is—than Aaron Rodgers is having the absolute best.

And he is.

Don’t believe me. I have the receipts.

Go back to late May—when the most anticipated series finale of all-time dropped on HBO. No one liked it. But no one articulated their rightful disdain better than the true King of the North, Aaron Rodgers.

Straight. Dragon Breathing. Fire.

If you have no idea just what the hell Aaron Rodgers said right there—allow me to translate: He did not like the Game of Thrones finale. And that breakdown is why Rodgers still sits on the Iron Throne of takes.

A few days after crushing Game of Thrones—Rodgers went to a Milwaukee Bucks game and pretended like he couldn’t crush a beer. You remember the viral clip of his teammate David Bakhtiari slamming 36 ounces while Rodgers struggled with just 3.6, right?

Acting at it’s very finest. I’d said it then and I’ll say it now: Dude was trolling everyone. And it worked. Because Twitter killed him for not being able to kill half a domestic. Right. Like Aaron Rodgers can’t chug half a beer. Please. Dude was having some fun and letting his offensive lineman get the shine. Heady play and an unselfish one at that.

Speaking of suds--fast forward to the middle of this month. Rodgers continued his crusade as a man of the people telling the media, “I’m up for anything that’s gonna get the fans as loud as possible. Maybe slashing beer prices would be a good idea.”

Not at all heroes wear capes. Some wear a green and yellow gamer with the number 12 on the back.

That’s arguably the best quarterback in the league on arguably the most historic team openly championing for cheaper beer for the fans at Lambeau so they can get louder. Aaron Rodgers wants you drunk and wild and he wants you drunk and wild on the cheap. Freaking awesome.

Almost as awesome as showing up to Winnipeg last Thursday in head-to-toe denim.

You’ve seen the pictures. Rodgers with the thickest, manliest, handle bar stash, completely decked in denim, rolling through in his finest Canadian threads. 

When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in Canada, dress as the Canadians dress. Sure the game was played on an 80-yard field later that night—but did any of that matter after Rodgers showed up looking like he was about to put Justin Trudeau out of a gig?

So you’ve got the Game of Thrones takedown, the chugging competition, the top-20 finish at Tahoe I didn’t even mention, the lobbying for lower beer prices at Lambeau, and the Canadian tux.

Just when you think Aaron Rodgers couldn’t possibly tighten his stranglehold on the best offseason ever—he goes full cosplay with three teammates—and rolls out to the Packers Welcome Back Luncheon—dressed as the characters—from Happy Gilmore!

Tim Boyle as Happy Gilmore.

Deshone Kizer as Chubbs. 

Manny Wilkens as Otto the Caddy.

And freaking Aaron Rodgers as Hal the Nursing Home Orderly.

I understand a lot of you are listening on radio. But we’ve all seen the movie a hundred times. It’s the second best Sandler flick behind The Longest Yard.

Just imagine all the characters I listed and that’s exactly who these dudes looked like. And Rodgers nailed Ben Stiller’s uncredited character and had a perfect stash for the costume, too. 

Throwing it back to 1996 for a luncheon is legendary. And it just adds to the unreal offseason Rodgers is having. Go check the pics and video. They’re incredible.

And now Rodgers is only a few days away from getting to sling it in a Matt La Fleur offensive behind a bolstered o-line.

It’s a pretty damn good time to be Aaron Rodgers right now.